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10 Special Features of Translation for Kids

Translation for kids

There are many challenges when it comes to translation for kids. When performing a translation many more liberties are taken than when translating for adults, especially in the case of younger children. In this case, you can try best translation services and you can be really satisfied with it.

Translation of children’s literature is expected to achieve two things:

  1. Ensure that the translation meets the norms of morality accepted by the culture the child is in
  2. To make sure the original text is translated so that it is at the assumed level of the child’s comprehension

In order to achieve these two goals a translation for kids will often make adaptations to either bring it within what is considered normal for the culture of the child or to make it easier to understand. Some of the things that will prompt a cultural adaption during translation include:

  • Literary references
  • Foreign languages in the source text
  • References to mythology and popular belief
  • Historical, religious and political background
  • Buildings and home furnishings, food
  • Customs and practices, play and games
  • Flora and fauna
  • Personal names, titles, names of domestic animals, names of objects
  • Geographical names
  • Weights and measures

Every language may have some items from the list above that would prove to be confusing to a young child in a different culture. A French translation for kids may have to adapt a reference to an object from a game that doesn’t exist in their country so the reader understands.A Spanish translation for kids may have to change the titles of officials in a story to something more familiar.

Adaptations in translation for kids

There are a number of different ways to accommodate source text to younger readers. Adapting text to accommodate culture elements to younger children can be accomplished in one of the following ten ways:

  1. Added explanation: The cultural element is kept but a short explanation is added within the text.
  2. Rewording: The same meaning in the source text is expressed in a way that doesn’t include the cultural element
  3. Explanatory translation: Rather than naming the cultural element it is explained through its function or use
  4. Explanation outside the text: Explanation is provided by means of a footnote, a preface or something similar
  5. Substitution of an equivalent in the culture of the target language
  6. Substitution of a rough equivalent in the culture of the target language
  7. Simplification: A more general concept is used instead of the specific one
  8. Deletion: Some words or parts of sentences are left out.
  9. Localization: The cultural setting of the source text is made closer to the readers of the target text.
  10. “Foreignization”: Retaining all the information in the original as it is. The translator emphasizes that the story is situated in a foreign country, allowing the child to learn about other countries and cultures.

A fairy tale translation of almost any of the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales would be considered far too violent for most children today and whole parts have been completely changed or left out.

We can provide fairy tale translation

Our service can provide book and story translation for kids in over 50 languages. The translators we use are aware of the differences in translating for adults and for children as well as the types of adaptations that a children’s translation may require. The translation we provide will be as accurate as possible while making the necessary translation adaptations to deal with cultural elements that may confuse younger readers. Additional benefits of using our service include:

  • Guarantees of high quality, customer satisfaction and on time delivery with every translation we provide
  • Affordable rates to suit your budget
  • Complete customer confidentiality
  • Live customer support 24/7
translation for kids

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For great children’s story translation contact us for top quality translations that deal with cultural elements in the most appropriate way.

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