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20 Best Translation Services 2019

How to Find Perfect Translation Service for Your Needs?

If you do a quick search, you will have seen that there are many online companies providing translation services. But the question is, which one offers the best translation services online? Choosing the perfect one for you can take time. So we have written some tips to help you. They can help you find the best translation company for you in a matter of seconds!

As a first rule, you will have to read about their team. After all, their translators are the ones who will be working on your project. The top translation services will be specialized in a wide range of industries and will be able to cover many languages. Make sure you spot the one that is related to your project. This way you can be sure they will do a perfect job.

Another tip is to read their translation services reviews so you can see what other clients say about them. Do not forget to see if they offer online support as this can help you in case you have an issue. A reliable company should provide different contact details. Whether you need Spanish to English language translation or  Chinese to Korean, looking for their translation rates per word 2019 is another tip you should follow. Make sure you ask if they are currently offering any discounts.

We have compared 20 companies that offer translation services. These are the most recommended translation services that you can hire for your project. Here you can compare each service and decide which one is the perfect match for your translation needs.   

Best Translation Services 2019. Infographics

best translation services in 2019

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List of 20 Best Rated Translation Services 2019

Take a look a the top translation companies 2019. This list can help you see which company offers the best services.

  1. Best Translation Services has a team of experienced translators and linguists. They have helped them become in the best online translation services. Their team can translate materials from different industries into more than 250 languages. They can also work with technical translations and ensure they use the correct terminology for your text. best translation services 2019
  2. Turbo Translations provides 24/7 translation services that you can hire for urgent projects. On their site, you can meet their team and see how many words each one of them has translated. They have also won several awards for their translation services.  turbo-translations
  3. Tolingo’s team can work with 220 language combinations. They have a team of specialized translators and can accept orders around the clock. tolingo
  4. Speakt is one of the best rated translation services. The company was founded in 2010 and have worked with big international clients. They can translate your project into 35 different languages. speakt
  5. Lingosaur provides human translation services. They do not use any software or tool to translate your project. Which guarantees they will deliver quality and accurate translation. lingosaur
  6. My Translation has a team of 1500 translators that work around the clock to provide a 24/7 translation service. They promise to work fast and deliver your project in a short period of time while making sure the translation is accurate. my-translation
  7. Rush Translate can translate your project in 24 hours if it has less than three pages. Their team can translate any document written in English into 63 languages. rush translation service
  8. Translation Services 24 provides fast turnaround delivery options. Their team of 2000 translators has a high rate in customer satisfaction. They can cover a wide range of languages and have big clients like Nike and NBC. translation service 24
  9. The Word Point provides professional translation services that focus on quality. Thus, they only deliver translations done by human experts. This helps them guarantee that your translation captures the nuances of the target language. thewordpoint
  10. Text Master has an online platform that allows you to place your order through their site. It allows you to upload your files and make a payment. They guarantee to provide quality translations done by their expert team. You can also read their client’s testimonials on their website. text master
  11. Language Line Solutions has been providing translation and interpreting services for more than 36 years. They can translate material from different industries thanks to their expert team. language line
  12. L.A. Translation has an international team of translators that help them provide high-quality translations services. Their team is specialized in different fields and can translate any material and interpret any conference or meeting. latranslation
  13. Pangeanic provides different translation services for different needs. Make sure you choose the one that matches your needs. pangeanic
  14. Quick Transcription Service, as their name suggests, can work with urgent projects. They have rush and super rush delivery options that you can choose depending on your deadline. quick transcription service
  15. Quickly Translate has a team of certified translators that can work with official documents. They can translate your documents in less than three hours for $23 per page. quickly translate
  16. All -Translation has been offering translation services for over 10 years. They guarantee to deliver quality translations. For this, each project will go through a quality check process where they will verify that the translation has been done accurately. all translations
  17. E Virtual Services is a multi-service online provider. Among their wide range of services, they offer a translation service to help you with your technical manuals, documents, websites, or any other material that you need to translate. evirtualservices
  18. Live Translation offers phone translation services to help you translate meetings, conferences, or any other audio recording. They can also translate documents into the language of your choice. live document translation
  19. Hi! All Languages Translations offers different translation services to match your needs. They can help you translate official documents, video, localize your message, or translate any document. languages translations
  20. ANP Transcriptions has helped over 3,000 clients with their translation needs. They can translate material from different industries like media and entertainment, academic, legal, and medical and pharmaceutical. anp transcriptions

What Are the Best Professional Translation Services

We have analyzed the best professional translation services so that you can see which one is the best for your translation needs. Among this 20, we can affirm that the top three companies are Best Translation Services, Turbo Translations, and Speakt. Each one of them offers different things and can cover a wide range of languages. For example, if you are looking for the top translation websites that have affordable rates, you should contact Best Translation Services.

They can work with more than 250 languages, and have a large team of translators that are experts in a diverse range of industries. They provide 24/7 customer support and have one of the lowest prices in the market. Plus, they are currently offering a 20% discount on the first order. Additionally, you can view online website translators list if you are looking for website translation service.


Do not forget that the best translation services online 2019 have the professionals to create an accurate translation. Make sure you pick the right one!

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