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5 Easiest Languages to Learn for English Speakers

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What Are the Easiest Languages to Learn for English Speakers?

If you really want to learn a new language but are worried about just how hard the task might be you may want to investigate just which are the best languages to learn for English speakers. Not everyone wants to try to learn a language for any reason other than being able to speak an additional language and many of those students will want to choose a language that they will have minimal difficulties in learning. English does have common roots with several other languages and those common roots and influences will make those languages simpler to learn. Also, you can start choosing a language to learn by checking funny google translate sounds, and maybe this will give you the needed answer. Please, remember, that speaking multiple languages is a very useful skill that can be used not only in work but also in everyday life.

5 easiest languages to learn for english speakers

List of Easiest Languages to Learn According to Linguistic Experts

  • Norwegian. The Norwegian language may seem like a strange choice but it is actually the easiest Scandinavian language for English speakers to learn. This Scandinavian language is often considered very difficult to learn but for English speakers it is often considered very simple indeed. Pronunciation is very easy as it has similar Germanic influences and the use of tenses is very simple indeed with the use of a “e” suffix for past tenses and “vil” for future tenses. So if you are looking for an easy language to learn then Norwegian is the one for you. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about celebrities who speak multiple languages.
  • Swedish. Another Germanic language that English speakers should find easier to learn. With many similarities between structure and some common vocabulary it should not be difficult for English speakers to learn passable Swedish. The problems tend to come with regards to pronunciation as Swedish actually have 9 vowels and some sounds are very alien to English speakers. Despite this it is still a very good choice for English speakers to learn. In addition, you may learn how to make a multilingual wordpress site using simple translation plugins on our site.
  • Danish. Yet another Scandinavian language with Germanic influences. Like Swedish and Norwegian it has a lot in common with the English language when it comes to structure and verb forms. Again however there will be some issues with pronunciation and the speech is much faster and harder to follow as well as being delivered in a flat monotone.
  • French. In England most school children will learn French as a second language due to France being the country’s closest neighbor. English actually has a heavy French influence due to the long history and proximity of the two countries and therefore there are a lot of similarities between the two languages. Pronunciation and grammar will take some work but otherwise this is a very easy language for most English speakers to learn.
  • Afrikaans. Afrikaans has developed from West Germanic languages in much the same way that English has and there is a lot of similarity between the two languages. Surprisingly there is very little real grammar to worry about with the gruff language which does not have pronouns and verb conjugation is virtually nonexistent. So again this is one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers. 

5 ways language learning can improve your life

Trying to Find a Reason for Learning Foreign Languages?

Learning foreign languages for many is a huge challenge and most people would rather not go through the hard work involved. So maybe you need a reason as to why to learn languages. This article will review 5 very good reasons as to why you should expand your mind and add another language to your repertoire. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may learn what common British slang and UK English words mean in American English.

  • Being bilingual or multilingual boosts your job prospects. Being able to communicate in multiple languages can automatically boost your chances of getting a better job. Not only are multilingual or bilingual people generally seen as being more intelligent individuals there is also the need for people who speak multiple languages in today’s business world. The internet and cheap travel have opened up the world’s markets and being able to speak another country’s language put you in a unique position if the company is looking to expand its operations into that country.
  • Learning a new language boosts your brain. There are now several medical studies that confirm that learning additional languages helps to keep your brain functions healthy and can even delay or prevent the onset of conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Learning foreign languages also helps to improve your memory and enhances your cognitive functions allowing you to perform better in many tasks that require concentration and brain power.
  • A better understanding of other cultures. While learning a new language you will also get a better understanding and appreciation of the culture surrounding that language. Not only will you learn to speak that language you will gain an insight into how the people really think and behave just from studying their language. Not only that, it opens up a whole new world when it comes to literature and films in your new language.
  • Greater confidence in travel. Being able to talk to the natives in the country you are visiting enables you to better enjoy the time you spend there. If you don’t know the language you will often struggle with finding someone that can speak your language, getting around and even finding necessities such as a restroom. Having knowledge of their language allows you to confidently move around the country and interact with the people there. This is as important for your leisure time as it is for visiting the country for business purposes.

fast foreign languages translation help

Learning Foreign Languages Will Bring You A New Achievement to Be Proud Of

Nothing creates success better than success itself. If you can prove to yourself that you can learn another language then you also prove that there are many other things that you could achieve if you set your mind to it. If there was just one reason why to learn languages then the confidence that it will instill is probably one of the greatest benefits. Knowing that your hard work will provide you with such sought-after skills that will benefit you in so many ways will help you in all areas of your life.

Stop asking yourself “why to learn languages?”, take the opportunity and start learning another language right now! But if you need to translate your business plan or share your findings through publication article in different languages, and you have no time to master your target language, we have an option for you! Discover how best translation services work and how we can help you with foreign languages translation!


Widen your horizons by learning one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers!

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