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App Localizator

Simplify and Speed up the Translation of Mobile Applications, Documents and Websites

the-most-accurate-app-translatorApplocalizator seamlessly and easily integrates with all your existing tech stack. Moreover, it reduces the need for heavy IT involvement, and also removes almost 100% of the manual methods and costs that are normally required for both localisation and translation. The potential to save up to 80% on translation costs when you use our app translator is real.

Translate All Your Applications Quicker Than Ever Before

professional-mobile-app-translation-onlineAre translation projects ever on time? Rarely. It’s just a natural law. However, changes the game. As soon as a change in content happens, our app translator detects it – and take cares of it. Mobile app translation is now so effortless and smooth that it takes an instead of months. Job done!


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Our App Translation Service Improves Efficiency

app-localization-servicesIt’s embarrassing when things get lost in translation. From now on, you can see exactly what you’re writing as your product users would see it. This makes testing smarter and easier than ever before. Efficiency is our byword.

Feel free to take a look around our website to find more about what applocalizator can do for you. It’s time to save time.

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