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Best Literary Translation Services

Why You Need Literary Translation Services

There are four principal categories of translator; interpreting, scientific and technical, commercial/business and literary translators. Literary translation is essentially converting some type of literature, such as a book, from one language to another while retaining the original meaning.

Literature translation includes translation of:

  • Books
  • Plays
  • Poems,
  • Short stories
  • Writings such as scripts, travel guides and textbooks

A literature translation should not only have the same meaning as the original, it should also elicit the same response in those who read it. In order to do this cultural difference must be taken into account, meaning the translator has to be familiar with the culture of both the original language as well as the target language. Literary translation is arguably the most difficult type of translation to perform, and it requires an experienced translator to get it right. Good translation requires much more than being fluent in two languages. Your best option is to use professional literary translation services like the ones our company provides.

What to Expect from Our Literature Translation

We provide high quality literary translation services in over 50 languages. Our professional literary translators are among the best in the business and we are able to take on almost any translation project as well as proverb translation. Whether its books translation, poems translation or some other type of literature, we provide fast and accurate translations that retain the original meaning just as the author intended. No translation is easy, and literary translations are generally more difficult than most. Considerations that must be kept in mind include:

  • Cultural differences: The translator must be intimately familiar with the cultures of both the target and the original language. This is true of most translations but even more so when dealing with literature where the use of local slang and expressions is likely to occur. Things like humor, puns, and literary allusions, names of places and characters, as well as cultural references and ideology must all be taken into consideration and translated so the.
  • Familiarity with the literature genre: Translating books and stories requires somebody that has a feel for the particular genre or type of literature involved. If you need a humorous book translated, the translator must have a good sense of humor as well, or some of the original humor may be lost.
  • Knowing the audience: In many cases the literature being translated will be aimed at a particular audience. A translator with an affinity for the audience is preferable

Our literary translation services draw from a large pool of translators, and we assign projects to the translator who not only has the necessary language skills, but who is a match in other ways such as topic knowledge, audience and other criteria. You can try one of the best translation services. Our translators care about the literature they translate and this is reflected in the work they perform.

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Advantages of Using Our Literary Translation Services

Our first priority is to provide clients with the best literary translation possible. We are confident in our translator’s skills and abilities and we back up our confidence with additional benefits for clients including:

  • Guarantee of complete satisfaction for all work we provide
  • On time delivery is guaranteed
  • Affordable rates that are competitive and suitable even for tight budgets
  • Customer support 24/7

When you need literary translation services, contact us and receive the best quality translations in the business!

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