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Best Slovenian to English Translation

Slovenia at one time was part of Yugoslavia, but those days are gone. This small nation in the Balkans is by no means a backward country. Indeed, it is the richest of the Slavic countries and has a highly educated workforce. While foreign investment in Slovenia is low, there are opportunities in electronic equipment and pharmaceuticals that can be capitalized on. The difficulty is the language. Slovene is the official language and it is very complex. There are a number of dialects and this could lead to some confusion for foreign companies. It helps to have the best Slovenian to English or Danish translation services.

Good Slovenian Translation Services Consider the Dialects

Slovene is not going to work very well with automated translation services; dialects make it difficult. It is a language that definitely requires the human touch in order for good communication. Anyone who doing a Slovenian to English translation must be able to know what the dialect is and translate accordingly. It is why a native speaker is the best possible translator. This person should also be able to perform English to Slovenian translation effortlessly. It can be a major challenge, but a good translator can step up to the task. We use native speakers for the translation work.

Our Translators Can Unravel the Dialects

Our use of native speakers gives us a qualitative edge over other translation services. Our experts understand the Slovenian language and are fully aware of the dialects. They can sift through the necessary documents and uncover what is truly meant in the sentences. This translates into an English text that is understandable and highly readable. The same is true for anything that is translated from English into Slovenian. Our translation professionals are comfortable in either language. We know it’s important to have the highest quality, and our proofreaders are native speakers as well. The end result is that no matter which language it is translated into the documents are easy to understand. That provides considerable help to anyone wishing to establish contacts in Slovenia.

What can our Slovenian to English translation services do for you?

With our service you will get access to proven speakers of your required languages who have provided our clients with years of accurate and effective translating. They work within areas in which they themselves are qualified ensuring a full understanding of the documents that they are required to work with. Something that is vital to gain accurate translation from Slovenian to English. This allows us to offer support in all of these different areas:

  • Technical documents: translating documents such as operating instructions require an understanding of the field in which they are applicable. This is why we always provide you with a translator that is also qualified in the area of the source text.
  • Medical translations: getting these right is vital which is why we only offer translations in this field through fully qualified and experienced medical professionals.
  • Legal translation: just as with other technical areas people outside the profession simply will not understand the meaning of some of the terms used. This is why you must use our team of fully qualified legal translators.
  • Marketing documents: from promotional flyers to advertising scripts we can provide you with translations that are carefully localized to the culture that you are writing for.
  • Business papers: our experts have many years of experience translating everything from training presentations through to reports. You will always be working with someone that will be familiar with the style of documents you need to translate.

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We Have the Services That You Need

We provide high-quality assistance that some translation agencies are not able to do. You can get in touch with us online and send documents to us by the Internet. The confidentiality of your material is assured. We take great pride in quick turnaround times and we will provide what you need within the deadlines requested. We also safeguard the quality with professional proofreaders who are experienced in the Slovenian language. You can be assured that what you receive from us is superior translation work.

Why Choose Our Slovenian to English Translators
Try Our Trusted Slovenian to English Translation Services

Our English to Slovenian translation online comes with a host of benefits:

  • Free proofreading: your translation will be thoroughly checked to see if it is accurate and to remove any errors within the writing.
  • Delivery on time: we always get your translation completed as quickly as we can and will never miss a deadline.
  • Pricing that you will find hard to better: we show our prices on our site and we never add any extras.
  • 24/7 access to our knowledgeable support staff for any questions you have about your order or our services by phone or online.
  • Totally manual translation so that you know your translation will be completely accurate.
  • Simple to follow ordering process, just complete the order form on the page.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your Slovenian translation or our services will refund your money in full.

There is a possibility of profitable business in Slovenia. It does require establishing rapport through good communication. Written documents have to be understandable and that is what we provide. We are convinced that you will find that a working relationship with a company in Ljubljana is much easier because of what we can do. You should not have to search around for translating support that you need. We can do the work for you at a price is easy to afford. Please feel free to contact us and let us share with you information about all of our services.


Ensure that your Slovenian to English translation is perfectly accurate by working with our highly qualified professional translators.

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