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Best South African Translation Services

South African Language Translation That You Can Trust

South African is a busy nation with links to many other countries for everything from sport to industry. Doing business or visiting the country for personal reasons, however, will require you to be able to communicate in the many languages that are spoken in the country. Our professional services can help with your South African language translation to English and many other languages. Translation is undertaken by staff that has native level skills in the required languages as well as professional qualifications and experience relevant to the task being translated.

Before you get started it would be best to have a little more understanding of the languages spoken within South Africa:

  • South Africa has 11 official languages that are spoken in the country.
  • 98% of the population speak one of the official languages as their first
  • The first official languages of the country were Dutch and English from 1910 to 1925.
  • Dutch fell out of use and was replaced by Afrikaans when the country became a republic in 1961.
  • English is the most commonly spoken second language and is the language used by the government and the media.

What Are the Languages of South Africa?

There are 11 official languages that are spoken within South Africa however that are small percentages of the population that speak other languages within their communities that vary from Portuguese through to a large number of different Bantu languages. The following is information about the 11 languages that are officially spoken:

  • English: this is spoken by less than 10% of the population as a first language but is widely spoken as a second language and used for most official requirements.
  • Afrikaans: this language was developed from Dutch and is spoken by around 14% of the population. It is more prevalent in the west of the country and more than 60% of white people speak it.
  • Nguni Languages: theses are spoken across the South-East of the country. These include Ndebele, Swazi, Xhosa, and Zulu. Zulu being the most common first language with 23% of the population speaking it as a first language.
  • Sesotho Languages: these are prominent across the North of the country and include Sesotho, Tswana and Northern Sotho.

South African Translation Provided Quickly Online with Us

South African language translation is always wise through us due to the well-equipped translators in the team. Your translation will acquire fine quality through us besides being more affordable and prompt on your tasks. People with South African translations requirement should consider us without fail keeping in mind the required quality output in return. Our team is providing these services for several years online and acquired a vast volume of good experience in this field too. Remember us always online for your any type of translations in the South African language.

Why Choose Our South-African Languages Translators
Try Our Trusted South-African Languages Translation Services

South African To English Translation As Online Service for All

South African language translation to English with precision and perfection is always ensured well through our service. We have a special step by step South African to English translation or vice versa needs. Our translators are having good command over South African and English languages to provide reasonable justice to the translation task. These translations are no longer a problem for all through considering our team on the task. Our team will finish this translation task quickly for you without compromising on the needed quality. Also, it is the best approach for the economical translation online too. Our South African to English translations is popular for below reasons:

  • South African translations with fine quality output are provided always online with us.
  • Translations will be quicker and cost-effective always with us.
  • There will reasonable justification for the translation task through our services with a great assurance for the best quality outcome.
  • Translations will match well to the original with respect tone and meaning, when translated by our team.
  • Translation task will be completed effortlessly irrespective of its volume and type of the topic, when considered our team.

Also, we can provide you with quality Flemish English translation!

What Can Our Translation Services Help You With?

We provide our specialized translation services through highly qualified translators that will work within fields in which they are professionally experienced and qualified. This ensures that they will fully understand the source information allowing them to be able to make an accurate translation using their language skills. Translation is all about understanding and communicating that understanding not simply swapping words. The skills of our translators allows us to work in all of the following areas:

  • Medical translation: as you can imagine mistakes in the translation of medical information could have dire consequences. This is why our team of medical translators are postgraduate degree holders in the fields in which they work and have many years of experience.
  • Legal documentation: legal writing is often difficult to interpret which is why you will want to work with a real legal expert when your translations are done. We offer excellent support through fully qualified experts that will be able to make sure translations are perfectly accurate.
  • Business papers: our translators are able to help with everything from translating your reports through to business proposals and plans. All work is according to your needs and provided through staff that fully understand the documents and have experience with them.
  • Website translation: we can provide you with quick and accurate translations of your website through skilled translators that will also take into account any cultural issues when making their translation South African to English or other languages making your site more effective.

translation service online for business needs

English To South African Translation Service Online for All

South African translation tasks are definitely not tough or costly through finishing then with our service. It is a common myth that people always think that translation is a costly affair, but our services for English to South African translation or vice versa is always economical. Our team is more experienced to offer these services quickly and cost effectively for our clients. Send us all your translation needs and our team will complete them according to the exact requirement quickly and cheaply. Definitely, it is time to remember us for your translation South African needs without fail.



Get perfectly accurate and localized documents when you make use of our affordable and reliable South African translation service.

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