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Best Translation Apps 2019

When you are on the go and traveling, whether for business or personal purposes, a handy dictionary for translation may be good, but not all the time because it may not contain all the words, terms and even sentences you need language translation for – thanks to the best of translation app that you can just download and start using on your phone or device. They are some of the best innovations that the web has come up with; as you know, it is essential that you have a handy translator that you can use anytime and anywhere so that you can conveniently convert any language to your selected one, especially in the language spoken in the country or place where you are now. Check out below for our top list translation app to use on the move!

Top 19 Translate App

  1. Google Translate: This is by far the best of apps for translations because it is very easy to use without any hassles at all. It supports a multitude of languages—more than 60 languages. With only a couple of clicks on your screen, you will be ready for your translation. This is one of the most famous apps for translation ever, so do not think twice getting it for yourself today!
  2. iTranslate: This translator app is an award-winning application supporting over 60 languages, so no worries and is the easiest and fastest of all in its category. It can also automatically translate as you speak.
  3. Jibbigo: This is a non-traditional translator app because it is a speech translator. All you need is to speak your sentence and it will begin translating it for you. It does support 21 languages and has compact features to help you with your task. This is available for iOS and android devices.
  4. Navita Translator: This language translator app specializes in translating phrases and words and supports over 50 languages in the world. It supports Portuguese, Spanish and English, among others.
  5. Voice Translate Pro: Download this language translator app and simplify translation! You can depend on it for supporting 10 languages spoken in 100 countries. Just select your input and output using your phone and it will start translating the result back to you.
  6. Tourist language learn & speak: This app is useful especially for travelers and tourists and comes with numerous offerings for you. It also works easy and fast, so no need to worry of anything at all. It also offers useful words and phrases in several languages. It works for android devices.
  7. Bing Translator: It is a useful translator app to help you translate in43 languages, uses basic functions, and recognizes inputs, using camera, keyboard and voice. It also comes with a very easy to use interface and an offline support. This is available for Windows phone users.
  8. SayHi Translate: It works best for all types of users and is best to replace interpreters, so you won’t need to hire one and supports 40 languages, but working on more updates. It also has a voice recognition technology with up to 95 percent of accuracy.
  9. Trippo Mondo Voice Translator: This is a useful app to translate in more than 30 languages and it can support text to speech for 20 languages. However, it can only be accessed online.
  10. Universal Translator: This app supports more than 50 languages, as a universal translator. Both parties also have to have a Google chat account, while only one of them needs the app installed.
  11. SpeakText: You can translate a document by only highlighting or touching the text and you can get quick results with the app reading your selected text by sentence.
  12. iProTranslate: This app can communicate in more than 40 languages through Facebook, Twitter and email and has a very easy to use and understand interface.
  13. MyLanguage Translator Pro: It supports more than 50 languages in the world and can help you with your task fast! You can improve your translation with its high accuracy rate.
  14. Translate Professional: This is a free translation app that supports more than 50 languages in the world, but you can also purchase some add-ons, such as speech recognition.
  15. Speak&Translate: Working great for both translation and speech recognition, this app is versatile and quick in helping you translate your text into your chosen language. All you have to do is to choose two languages from the sidebar and then tap the flag of your chosen language you speak and translate.
  16. iVoice Translator Pro: This is one of the best translation apps to use for converting languages into your chosen language. Download it and start using this top rated translation tools on the market today!
  17. Word Lens: This is one of the most famous visual translators to snap a photo of the menus, text and street signs and then translate them into your language. It is one of the most innovative apps for translation ever introduced in the world with its unique feature of visual translation. Get it today and see how it works!
  18. Waygo: This app also offers a visual translation of Japanese and Chinese characters. Amazing, isn’t it? These two languages are very important for business, so if you are a businessperson, download and start using it today!
  19. iStone Travel: It is only a translator app, but it also includes a database of 300 most popular phrases in a wide range of languages. You can rely on this app to help you in translating in the most confusing language, including words and phrases in a country where you are for travel or business.

Study your options and get the one to suit your needs best today! And if you are looking for an online website translator or quality language translation tools, we are ready to help you.

Need for Mobile Localization Services

App localization is the process of adapting applications for a specific region or language. This is achieved by adding locale-specific components and translating text into the required language. By localizing you are able to expand your potential market and increase the number of sales or times your apps are downloaded. There is much more to app localization than just translating text to another language. Issues that you must consider include different currencies, date and time formats and language translation difficulties due to character length and context. Cultural differences between different countries must also be taken into consideration. If you want to make your app available in another country you should consider using a professional translators service that specializes in localization like the one our company provides.

Our App Localization Services Will Help You Enter New Markets

We provide translation and localization service to assist you with preparing your application for a new market. Our application translation service will translate the text in your app to virtually any language you require. App translation includes everything necessary to make your app work in another language. It takes into consideration context, text expansion and contraction and any coding changes required. App localization deals with locale-specific issues such as app colors used, currency, date format, images, navigation and anything else necessary to make your application more user-friendly in a new market. Other services we provide include app localization testing and translation proofreading. Our company can provide any app localization and translation service necessary to take you into a foreign market.

Well-Qualified App Translators

We have some of the best applications translators in the business. Some services use inexperienced freelancers with little or no translation training. We only use trained professional translators. Every translator we use is:

  • Fluent in both the target and source language: The translators we provide will be native speakers of the target language. When translating text it is preferable for the translator’s native language to be the same as the target language
  • Intimately familiar with both the source and target cultures: Things such as colors and images often have different meanings in other cultures than your own. Translators need to be aware of these differences to avoid embarrassing or offensive situations.
  • Experienced: Our translators possess years of proven experience successfully localizing apps in their native language.
  • Technically proficient: There are a number of technical issues such as text expansion and contraction involved in app localization. Our translators are familiar with these issues as well as with the tools necessary to resolve them

accurate language translation

Best Choice for Application Localization and Translation

We provide localization and translation services for apps that are of the highest quality using well-qualified professionals. Further features that our clients find attractive are as follows:

  • Main objective – providing you solely with high-quality translations
  • Reasonable rates – meeting the market demand & serving wide audience
  • Easy ordering process – assuring complete payment security & money-back guarantee
  • Round the clock support – which means you are able to contact us anytime it is convenient for you

Contact us for app localization services unmatched by any other company in the industry!

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