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Book Translation and Adaptation Services

Difference in How to Translate Book and Book Adaptation

Book translation and adaptation often go hand in hand but when taken separately there are differences. They can be not noticeable at first look, but they are.

Let’s see it together:

  • Book translation: Book translations try to remain as faithful as possible to the original version of the book. This will involve a large amount of interpretation about the intent of the original author and the effect they wanted to create. The translator wants to retain the original meaning which in literary translation includes trying to establish the same mood, tone and voice so that when the translation is read it has the same emotional impact and draws the same response from the reader as the original version.
  • Book adaptation: Book adaptation sometimes refers to a change in type of medium, such as to adapt book versions to movie versions. However it can also refer to making changes in a book for other reasons such as adapting a book intended for adults, to a children’s book. An adaption may have changes in content and style that would be unacceptable in a translation. Rights must be obtained for an adaptation of a literary source that has not passed into the public domain.

There may be a good reason to adapt a book during translation in order to conform to cultural customs and mores. In many cases before undertaking a book translation, a translator will discuss possible changes with the author before they start. Our book translation and adaption services works with clients in order to ensure book translations meet specific needs. Especially if you need best online translation.

Why Our Book Translation and Adaptation Services

Literary translation is extremely difficult to do well. Book translation from one language to another requires the translator to be a bit of an artist as well as a translator. When you translate, book impact on the emotions of the reader should be the same as when read in the original version. Our translators are experienced professionals who love what they do. They recognize the intangible qualities in literature that the written word creates, and the translation they provide considers every aspect such as mood and tone so that the book doesn’t lose the quality that makes it worth translating in the first place. Because they are intimately familiar with the target language culture they will know if any adaptations in content are required and can provide advice when it becomes necessary. The literary translator assigned to your project will have:

  • Very good knowledge of the source language, both written and spoken
  • Outstanding command of the target language. In most cases this will be their native language.
  • Familiarity with the subject/genre of the text being translated
  • An awareness of cultural differences and the ability to discern when adaptions must be made to avoid difficulties.

The book translation you receive will remain as faithful as possible in every way to the original version.

Advantages of Our Book Translation and Adaptation Services

A great book translation is just one of the benefits of using our translation and adaptation service. Some of the other advantages we offer include:

  • Guarantee with every translation of customer satisfaction and on time delivery
  • Proofreading of every translation we provide at no additional charge
  • Affordable rates that won’t crush your budget
  • Live customer support 24/7
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For high quality book translation that is accurate and faithful to the original, contact us for the best online book translation in the industry.

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