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What Does Mobile App Localization Involve?

best-app-translator-websiteApp localization involves much more than translating text into a new language word by word. Literal translations often result in text with a completely different meaning from the original. Translations need to be made with context and meaning in mind. Localization should also take cultural differences into consideration. Elements of your app such as colors and images may mean something different in another country than that the application was originally developed for. Additional issues to consider are currency, date format, units of measurement and a host of other things. There are also technical issues to think about such as text expansion and contraction, or the fact that some languages may read from right to left.

Find the Best App Localization Services to Assist You

localization-services-for-youMaking your app available in another country will expand your market and can greatly increase the number of sales you get. However this will involve more than just releasing your app in the new market. You will need to localize your app if you want it to be successful. App localization is the adapting of applications to a specific region or language. It will require adding locale specific components as well as translating text into the new language. We provide first rate services for localization that will take care of every aspect of preparing your application for use in a foreign country.


Best App Translator and Localization Services

Our company specializes in mobile app translation and localization. Many companies use freelance translators with little or no experience. We know that good translations require more than just knowing the target and source languages. Every translator we use is a skilled professional with the training and experience to successfully localize your application. Reasons for using our service include:

  • Accurate app translations: We provide accurate translations that retain the original meaning and intent. Our translators consider context and meaning to make sure nothing is lost or added during the translation. The translator assigned to work with you will be a native speaker of the target language. A second translator will proofread text to ensure accuracy is maintained
  • All technical translation issues resolved: Our service takes care of all the technical issues involved with translations. Text will often expand or contract depending on the language you are translating to or from. English and many other languages read left to right. However some languages read right to left. These are just a couple of technical issues that arise during app translation
  • Complete application localization: There are a number of locale specific issues to be considered when releasing your app in a foreign country. The currency used will be different and in many cases date and time format and units of measurement will vary. In addition there are cultural considerations. Colors and images may mean something different in a cultural other than your own. Our experts will ensure all app locale specifics are dealt with and no embarrassing or offensive missteps are made
  • App localization testing: Our service will fully test your localized app on all required devices to ensure it functions exactly as it is supposed to

All work we provide is guaranteed for complete customer satisfaction and on time delivery. We also provide live customer support 24/7 to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Contact us for the best app translator to meet all of your localization needs.

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