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Commercial English Translation: 6 Specific Features

From commercial translation services to hiring the help of a commercial translator, there is so much that can be said about commercial translation in general. In this article, we would be having an in-depth look at all that is usually entailed when we talk about commercial English translation. In the world of business, there is so much that is involved. This has been this way since times immemorial. The reason is people have always being seen to conduct businesses across different climes, tribes, and religion. Of course, the only way to ensure smooth transaction especially among people who speak different languages is to use good and cheap translation service to ensure that both parties appreciate the terms and agreement involved in the business transaction.

This was then but today, this is even all the more needed. The reason for this is not hard to see. Technology has made the whole world a global village and what this means or implies is that it is now easier to transact business across different countries in the world. This is why this language commercial translation is very well required in our day. You can term it a commercial in French translation or the language in which the business is being conducted. There is so much that would need to be said about this and that is why this article would look first and the definition of commercial translating, then we would look at the documents that are covered in this type of translation, the popular languages used when commercial translation would be needed, the features as well as the benefits and many more. All this would help you to better appreciate this topic on commercial translation and its services.

Definition of Commercial Translation

The first thing we would be looking at here is the definition of terms. That is, how exactly do you define commercial translation? The best way to define commercial translation and appreciate at a glance what it is, is to, first of all, define the two terms in that phrase:

  • Commercial: just as the name implies it simply means having to do with or relating to commerce. In other words, that which is related to the transaction of business.
  • Translation: this refers to the converting of a text in context from a language to another. It could involve other forms or means but this best describes it when relating to our current discourse.

So when you put these two words together you would be able to easily appreciate that commercial translation and judicial translation can simply be defined as the conversion of a business related or transaction text in its actual context from its original language to another. This is usually done to facilitate a business transaction between parties across different language speaking countries, for example, France and England or Germany and Indonesia.

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Documents Covered in Commercial Translation

This now brings us to the business documents that are usually involved in this form of commerce related translation. Well, this business translation can involve any document that is used in the course of the business transaction. So if it is something that both parties would need to see and read through to help facilitate their business partnership, then it would most definitely need to be translated. Some of the documents that are usually translated are listed below:

  • Marketing material, this would include magazines, brochures of the company involved and newsletters
  • Tenders and quotations
  • Correspondence
  • Reports
  • Company accounts

Of course, these are not the only business papers that can be translated in the course of doing business, but these ones would definitely need to be translated at some point in time during the business translation.

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Most Popular Languages in Business

So you are involved in business and you want to have an international reach, one of the major obstacles that you may encounter is the language barrier. With the help of a professional translator however, you may be able to meander safely through the many differences in leagues and business structures that are involved in conducting business in a different country or especially with those with a different language. Having said this, it must be appreciated that it is very possible to learn this languages and appreciate them. This is why below we would be looking at 5 of the most popular languages in business. This would help you to appreciate what they are all about. Of course you can visits this page to find out more about this.

  • Chinese: China, home to one of the world’s best economies and the world’s largest population with about 935 million native speakers, it doesn’t come at all as a surprise that it is on the list of top 5 business languages. Mandarin which is the language of China and Taiwan is no doubt one that anyone involved in business or international trade would be interested in.
  • Spanish: This is another popular business language with 406 million native speakers spread across the United States, Mexico and Spain manly, these areas are business friendly and represent why Spanish is another popular business language today.
  • Russia: When it comes to international trade Russia is no doubt one language that would be on everyone’s lips. With about 160 million native speakers, this is another language that business owners have an eye on.
  • English: English is another powerhouse when it comes to business with countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, parts of India and a lot of other countries with English speakers. With 365 million native speakers there is no doubt that this is one language that business people would be interested in.
  • Arab: The doorway to the Middle East with about 223 million native speakers. This is another language that offers so much potential to anyone in business

When Would You Need Commercial Translations?

The next thing that we would look at here is when exactly would you need commercial translation? This is interesting because you would definitely not need this translation every time you transact a business. Below we would highlight 4 of these scenarios that may warrant you to get the help of a translator

  • When you transact with business of different language speaking nationals
  • During documentation and advertisement
  • When the business terms and agreement is being drafted
  • During payment and fees

These are 4 times when translation would be of utmost importance during the business transactions with nationals who speak different languages.

6 Specific Features of Commercial Translation

We would now look at 6 features of commercial translation that a commercial translator would need to be well aware of whether or not he is involved in commercial in French translation or commercial English translation.

  • Knowledge of the written language: There must be sound knowledge of the language in which the business transaction is written.
  • Knowledge of the language to be translated to: There must be proper knowledge of the language that the translation is in.
  • Knowledge of business: the commercial translator must have sound knowledge of the business as well as the business terms
  • Knowledge of the business system in the primary language: there must be knowledge in the business structure of the primary language
  • Knowledge of the business system in the language being translated to: there must be knowledge in the business structure of the language being translated to
  • Ability to appreciate the essence of the translation: the translator must appreciate that the essence of the translation is not necessary to ensure that the words or text is translated but the meaning of the text is translated. This is what would ensure a smooth business transaction.
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Image credit: chrisclarkpullman.com

5 Different Dictionaries Used in Commercial Translation

When it comes to translation of business papers the importance of having translation dictionaries cannot be overemphasized. This is the same case with handling commercial related translations. These translation dictionaries have importance for both the translator as well as the business parties involved. This is why it is also great when these business parties have their own translation dictionary and go through it. It would help them to appreciate not just the terms but the language as well, thus making for a more pleasant business translation and relation. Below are 5 translation dictionaries for commerce

These are examples of some of the dictionaries that can help you in commercial translation. Of course there are others and you can either get them in hard copy format or use the online translation dictionaries on the go for your business papers. The choice is yours.

With the above you can now see why the topic of commercial translation services is a very crucial one. You can appreciate the benefits as well as is features. This is the case irrespective of if we are looking at commercial in French translation or commercial English translation.


With this you can go on and get the commercial translator that would be effect for you and your business.

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