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Croatian To English Translation Services

The Croatian language, as you might expect, is spoken by Croats in Croatia. 5.5 million people speak it in total – the figure is down by almost a million since 1996 when 6.3 million people spoke it – and it is also spoken extensively in nearby Bosnia and Herzegovina. A variety of the Serbo-Croatian language, Croatian is based on the Eastern Herzegovinian dialect – just like Serbian and Bosnian. Croatia itself has a history going right back thousands of years, and was in fact mined for white stone that was used to build the Roman emperor Diocletian’s palace. Its language has a complex history, and has similarities to Serbian and Slovenian, largely due to the fact that in the 19th century the nations formed a linguistic union. Croatia has been independent since 1991, with linguists motioning for reforms to the language.

The Importance of A Good Croatian Translation Services

Unlike a lot of languages around the world – and especially unlike the English language – the Croatian language has been on a fairly perilous journey to get where it is today. Because of massive Balkan influences, it has struggled in the last hundred years to find its own voice, and due to its particularly complicated history, a good Croatian to English translation is no where near as simple as we’d all like. And because linguistic experts are continuing to develop the language, expert Croatian translation services are vital for anyone looking to translate documents into Croatian from English – or from Croatian to English translation. Getting a document spot-on in any language is fundamental, and sometimes you just have to go with the experts. This has never been more the case than it is with a Croatian translation service.

Why Choose Our Croatian to English Translators
Try Our Trusted Croatian to English Translation Services

What We Do

We at Professional Translation Services provide a number of services that tailor to the demands of our customers. Whether you need a document translating – such as immigration documents or VISA documents – or a website translating that will help you to get your business seen and understood in Croatia, each one of our Croatian English translation services is taken car of by professional and highly talented translators. We also offer a legal translation service, as well as a proofreading service that gives your paper a final and thorough checking to make absolutely sure that every word is correct.

What Help Can Our English to Croatian Text Translation Service Provide You?

Translation from Croatian to English is not something that you do by swapping words for their equivalent in the target language. This rarely works and will often produce something that is dangerously inaccurate or reads as nonsense. Translation is about understanding the source text fully and being able to repeat it in the target language. Something that a computer simply cannot do. It also means that your translator must have knowledge of the subject area if they are to translate accurately. What makes our services so good is that we have been building our team for many years and have a large number of translators that have professional qualifications in many areas allowing us to provide all of the following and more when we do translation from English to Croatian:

  • Medical Translation: using and understanding medical terminology is not something that anyone can do. Because of this our medical team uses only translators that have higher degrees relevant to the work being translated.
  • Business documents: if you need your business plan translated or your reports then our services provides you the help of a translator with many years of experience in this area.
  • Marketing documents: from flyers to website landing pages our specialists will ensure that not only is the language correct but that the material is localized for the culture to maintain its effectiveness.
  • Legal translations: legal work can be hard enough to understand in any language. This is why you always need to use a fully qualified legal expert for your translations to ensure their accuracy.
  • Book translations: if you want your book to be translated correctly then we will provide you with a translator that has experience with the genre of writing you have produced.
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Why Choose Us?

We know the score. There are a host of online translation services out there that claim to be the best, offering the best rates and the best translations. We also know that your friend from work is offering to translate your English into ‘impeccable’ Croatian as long as you do him a few favors in return. But what sets us apart from the rest is our love for the work we do. As well as offering a superb ‘Rush’ turnaround service that translates your short documents within 24 hours, our Croatian language translation services throw in free proofreading by native speakers, as well as special prices and some highly rewarding discounts. Home to a team of qualified, expert translators who have a passion for language, we are on hand to help you today. And, for additional, we can provide you with English Serbian translation, too.

Just to summarize, you should choose our services as we provide you with:

  • A quick turnaround and on time delivery guaranteed.
  • Fully confidential translating support.
  • Free proofreading to eliminate mistakes and check accuracy.
  • Highly skilled and experienced translators.
  • A full money back guarantee on your Croatian translation.



Ensure your documents are accurate and well written every time by using our professional Croatian to English translation services.

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