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Demand on Translate Services

editingAccording to Keyword Planner and other tools provided by Google to research search engine volume, regional interest in translation services is rising. Interest is primarily coming from areas that are multiethnic and as a result multilingual. Some places, like Kosovo and Albania, have long histories working with numerous different languages.

Indeed, Balkan states are certainly leading the pack as a result of their unique linguistic history. Macedonia also appeared prominently on Google’s search charts. Each of the former states that once made up Yugoslavia at one point are today moving toward a markedly different cultural and ethnic tradition, which is creating a large industry for translators to work in.

Translate Services Got a Search Volume Value of 70

Look at Google Trends is very telling about which areas people need translation done in. Timor-Leste and Indonesia are both countries that are in transition when it comes to language. Both of these had values of 49, which show that people need help working with the new languages as well as the old. Successful transitions take years, so this can continue to influence the field for quite some time.

For that matter, these transitions are never really complete. People will probably continue to use regional languages on a local level for decades, and that means that local Internet users will provide a ready market for those who want to work translating a piece written in one language into a lingua franca that could be read by a number of different people.

While some of the top search terms included the word profession, more people are relying on machine translation tools than they did in the past. Google Translate was one of the top searches, after all. That being said, more people are using the word human in their searches, which shows people want to get away from this.

Translate Agency Rose to a Value of 40

Since machine translation always appears high in the search results, people are seemingly starting to revise their searches. Though Google continues to rise as a word in search terms, this won’t be the case for too long. Since agency searches rose so drastically, they have shown a clear trend toward this type of translation. Handing a machine translation in for anything but the least sensitive projects can be dangerous and even taken as an insult by some groups.

As diplomatic and business organizations turn away from machine translation, there will be more business for certain types of translators. In addition, another major thing happening right now involves interpretation. Translators are replacing interpreters in some industries, which reflects the importance of the written word over the spoken word as a result of email and social networking.

The future will probably see more agencies offering translation for Balkan languages that trend on search engines. Montenegro, for instance, is one of the rising regions when it comes to trend data. For that matter, the top city for searches in the world is currently Tirana. That speaks remarkable volumes about the way that the industry is starting to grow and change.

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