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Get Inspired for Further Language Learning from Celebrities Who Speak Multiple Languages

Are There Celebrities Who Speak Multiple Languages?

It is not only language geeks that work in translation and interpretation services that are able to converse in multiple languages. There are a surprising number of different actors and actresses that you will recognize that speak multiple languages. It is often said that it boosts your intelligence and success to be able to speak multiple languages and looking at the success of some of these celebrities who speak multiple languages it can be seen to be very true. Many of these celebs are household names and you may be very surprised to hear that these multilingual celebrities speak so many different languages fluently. Besides, you may know more about technical translation services offer on our site.

10 Celebrities Who Speak Multiple Languages

The following are 10 well know celebrities who speak multiple languages that you are almost certain to recognize. If you are looking for a role model to inspire you to learn multiple languages you need look no further than these household names:

celebrities who speak multiple languagesSir Christopher Lee – One of the most recognizable actors of our time from roles in everything from Lord of the Rings to Dracula. He is fluent in eight different languages; Greek, Russian, German, Swedish, French, Spanish, Italian and of course English. He has been known to provide the dubbing for foreign language versions of his own films.


celebrities who speak multiple languagesNatalie Portman – Academy award winning actress is not only multilingual she also holds a degree in psychology from Harvard university and has been a guest lecturer at Columbia University. She speaks English, French, German, Arabic, Hebrew, and Japanese and is quoted as saying that she would rather “be smart than a movie star.”


celebrities who speak multiple languagesRoy Hodgson  – has managed several international football teams including the English national squad. He speaks: Norwegian, Swedish, English, German, Italian, Danish, Finnish and also French. So there are few European football players that are not going to understand him.


celebrities who speak multiple languagesShakira – not just a pretty face and a great singer; Shakira is also fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and also Arabic. She can also speak a little French, Italian and Catalan.



celebrities who speak multiple languagesAudrey Hepburn – One of the all time movie greats and arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world in her youth. She had amazing language skills and spoke; Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French and of course English.



celebrities who speak multiple languagesNovak Djokovic – The winner of Wimbledon, The US open, and The Australian Open he is also a highly fluent linguist. He speaks English, German, French, Italian and his native Serbian.



celebrities who speak multiple languagesLucy Liu – One of the most recognizable Asian actresses with Chinese roots. She has starred in several movies including Charlie’s Angels and Shanghai Noon. She speaks Mandarin, English, Japanese, Italian and Spanish.


celebrities who speak multiple languagesViggo Mortensen – Not only is this modern actor seen speaking in Elfish as Aragorn in Lord of The Rings he is also fluent in four other languages in this world. He speaks fluent Danish, Italian, French and English.



celebrities who speak multiple languagesSalma Hayek – Both an actress and a producer she has starred in movies such as Traffic and Wild Wild West. She is not just a talented actress but also fluent in four different languages; Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and English.


celebrities who speak multiple languagesMilla Jovovich – Another highly recognizable actress and the last of our celebrities who speak multiple languages; probably best known for her roles in The Fifth Element and Resident Evil she is also able to speak in four languages fluently: English, French, Serbian and Russian.


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Discover this article about celebrities who speak multiple languages and get your motivation to start a journey to a new language learning!

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