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FAQ about Language Translations

What kind of business documents do you provide language translations for?

We can help to ensure your corporate or business documents are expertly translated for any types of contracts, manuals, handbooks, marketing or advertising materials, product packaging and instructions, brochures, white papers, correspondence, sales pitches and much more.

Why should I hire a language translation company?

Relying on friends to translate your documents can be risky, and computerized translations don’t always include the nuances of a particular language and can make you appear as if you do not know how to speak the language possible. Hiring a language translation company is a smart choice because we use native-speaking translators and editors to ensure your words are presented correctly in the target language.

Do you offer a word language translator?

The best language translations services not only focus on word translations, but phrases as well. We use software that allows us to target repeated phrases and ensure they are used correctly throughout a document.

Do you provide website language translation?

Because the Internet has allowed us all to do business globally, it’s vital for companies to provide their websites in multiple languages. But don’t rely on automated translators that simply translate the words. The only way to ensure a translation will be understood in the target language is to use professional, human language translators to do the job. And we only work with the best, who are screened, tested and verified before the do any work for us.

What if I need certified language translations for legal documents?

Some legal proceedings will require that the language translations be notarized and certified. That is why we hire legal experts within our language translation company who are experts in their field. If you require a certified language translation, please let us know before we get started and we will find a certified translator to help you.

I need language translations for my medical records. Can you help?

Prescriptions, medical records, instructions and contact information are all vital – and can even be lifesaving – when transcribed correctly. Using a professional language translation company can literally be the difference between life and death. We can translate your medical documents of any type. Don’t leave this important task to just anyone.

What about Latin language translation?

Understanding the Latin language is an important foundation for learning many other languages, including English. If you would like a Latin language translation, we can help with that, too!

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