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FAQ on Foreign Language Translation

Like in any other business, people will always have questions to ask. We on the other hand are more than ready to give you the right answers to all of your questions so that our services can be clear and attractive to all. Here are some of the language translations questions that we get to hear every other day and whose answers are given below;


How expensive are your professional language translation services?

We are very competitive in terms of pricing. Over the long run, you will get to benefit a lot from our ideal pricing technique that seeks more to give you quality work. Our services are also personalized such that you will be given personal services that will attract a specific price.


I have a large file that is in Japanese, do you translate Japanese to English and how do I send it to you?

Yes, we do convert Japanese to English. The best way language translation companies in the industry have to be in a position to translate most of the major languages of the world. Still our foreign language translation is impeccable with a team of highly qualified experts at your service. You can send your file in any electronic format or in PDF to us.


I have some laboratory results that I want translated into layman’s language, do you do technical translation?

Yes, we have a team of experts that handle laboratory results and thereafter translating this to the most understandable language for the man on the street. We also handle other technical work and convert the same to normal day to day language for your audience.


I am leaving for Germany from New York tonight and I have a nondisclosure agreement translated for me to German. Can you help me with this urgent task?

Yes, we will handle all of your rush work and expedite the same overnight for our clients. . As one of the ideal language translation service providers in the world we are very ready to take all manner of work. We will have your translation work ready, way before you arrive in Germany and send the same to you to your email.

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