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FAQ on Translate a Website

What does “translate a website” include?

It sounds like a rather existential question to ask  yourself: what is it to translate a website? To translate a website is a very profound undertaking, one which requires that the website translate in a way that can be understood universally but still retains the fundamental meaning that was originally intended. Translate websites all you like, but chances are you’ll make a mistake at some point. The hope is to avoid that. Ideally, translating website is more about being as accurate as possible while at the same time keeping the original intent, as opposed to simply doing one or the other. While it’s true that translating website specialists will claim to focus on one more when it comes time to consult, this is only because they tend to translate a website more on one side than another, not exclude one or the other.

Who are these Website Translate Professionals?

These website translate professionals are men and women who have been highly trained in a language – both their native tongue and a foreign language – and are, to boot, quite good at website translate projects. They can translate a website with the best of them and make it pretty and nice. Translating websites comes as easily to our website translate professionals as breathing air or drinking water or breathing water while drinking air. Translating websites is what they do best, it’s what they know, it’s how they live.

What are the Benefits to Translate Websites?

translate-a-websiteThere are myriad benefits when it comes time to translate a website. For one, a website translate service will allow you to engage with customers the world over in a way you’ve never been able to before. For another translate websites services allow you to see your own content through the eyes of others, recognizing what you can change (if you so choose) in order to appeal to a particular group of potential consumers.

How many languages do you cover?

We cover over 60 languages, as our team of professional translators allow us to do so. We have as native speakers, same certified translators in several languages on our staff. We can also search and test the translator to suit your needs.

How long does it take to Translate a Website?

A proper translation of the website is quite a hefty assignment that for great result takes about 10 days, of course taking into account the number of words on each page and the number of pages. But we have three types of turnarounds for you: “rush”, “normal”, and “relax” tempo turnarounds. We can translate whole your website in three days with the same proficiency as in 14 days! Just choose what you need.

How do I know that my Translated Website is without mistakes?

You don`t, but we give our guarantees for this particular reason! You are valued and you are our favourite customer. For you we have chosen a team of professionals which consists of translators, editors, proofreaders and customer support manager. They work for your satisfaction. And if you are not satisfied get your money back.

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