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FAQ on Translating English To Latin

There are always questions that are always nagging at the mind of the customers about translating English to Latin. Below are some of the questions and answers that will help you understand more about our translator.

Q. Does your translator software have professional fields?

A. Yes, you can choose the English Latin translator to translate to 30 professional fields of sciences.  Please don’t forget to choose the field of translation to have a better translation.

Q. Does your online English Latin translation experience system difficulties?

A. Yes, Sometimes the system has delays when there are many customers using the online option. We have already found a solution for that and we are underway upgrading the software.

Q. Is it possible to translate Latin to English?

A. Yes, we have a reverse option about the translation though the content is not usually the same as the original.

Q. I’ve found errors in an English language pack, who do I contact?

A. You go to the credentials area in our website and click on the language pack maintainer where it will direct you to an online chat to the maintainer for more details about the report.

Q. Where do I buy your translator?

A. Simply go to the shopping webpage and choose your package. You will find different payment methods where you will decide which that is very convenient for you.  You will get a download link for the software and the activation key.

Q. I would love to help in the English to Latin online translation, how do I get in touch with you?

A. Just visit the website credentials and drop your request to the human resource manager and they will get back at you.

Q. The month, name and days are displayed in English. How can I translate them?

A. Names of days and months are pulled out of the operating system. This is due to the system being configured for module in langconfig.php where you have the strings locale for the nix type operating system and the localewin for windows operating system that should point out to the right locale on your server.

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