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FAQs on why we are best to Translate French

Q: Why cannot I use Google to translate French documents?

The Google translator is just a beginner’s version of many complex translators. To translate French documents into English, and to translate into French other documents, human expertise is required. This is so because there are many legal documents, poems etc. which must be accurately translated so that their meaning does not change. Google translate only translates the words into their French meanings. However, the words may have been used in some other context. That is why; human touch is required to translate French documents.

Q: Can’t I just learn French and translate myself?

Learning French is completely different from learning translation French. Translation requires you to be certified with the proper authorities. This is why all our translators are certified for the job. They have perfected their skills after having spent many years doing translation in French. And that is why you should not think of translating the documents yourself! Let the professionals handle it.

Q: What about the pricing?

The pricing has been done keeping in mind the student class. Our pricing models are highly flexible and suit everyone’s needs. Moreover, once you have gotten some work done from us, we guarantee that you will get your money’s worth!

Q: Should I be concerned about my privacy and delivery of documents?

We honor our customers’ privacy and that is why, a minimal number of people in our organization know about your credentials. We also know that certain customers might need their documents urgently. For them, there are separate pricing plans ranging from 24 hours to ten days. They can always opt for these plans. Once they have done so, it is our duty to deliver on time. And we have done so in every case that we have handled so far. We have a cent per cent record of delivering error free content to all of our customers worldwide.

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