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FAQ on our translation services

The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions we have received about our translation services company. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to use the Contact Us link on our site –

How many languages can you translate in your foreign language translation services?

To date we have translated documents into about eighty of the world’s languages. All of the clients have been extremely satisfied with the translations they received from our translation services company and have become repeat customers.

How long does your translation service take after your translation services company receives an order?

The time frame for language translation services varies according to the length of the document and the language required. Some languages are more complex than others and our translators must be well versed in the regional dialect and culture in order to ensure accuracy. We can provide emergency translation service in as little as 24 hours.

What are the qualifications required of the translators in your translation services company?

In order to work as a translator for we have a series of rigorous tests that each one must pass in order to ensure they are well able to translate English. They must also be native speakers of the target language for foreign language translation services and have an expert knowledge of the culture and the nuances and dialects of the language. Each translator must have expertise in a particular area in order to become a translator with our translation services company.

What do you mean when you say expertise in a particular area for your translation service?

Our translation services company uses every measure possible to ensure accuracy in the translations. We do not use word by word translation in our language translation services because literal translation does not always make sense in the translated document. The translators we hire must be knowledgeable in a specific area of the industry or economy in order to ensure accuracy for the client. They must be able to read the document in the original language to get the sense of the overall context and meaning. The translated document must retain this same context and meaning so that it is valuable to the client. In all translations, a simple error can mean that huge problems develop and we do not want this to happen.

How do you protect the client’s privacy with your translation service?

We have a very strict privacy policy in place for all translations that we do. We know that many of the documents that come through our hands contain sensitive and personal information that our clients want to remain private. We will not release any information about the work we do for you to any third party unless you request that we do so.

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