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High Quality Armenian English Translation Services

Armenia is an ancient country with a very proud history. The official language is Armenian and it is more than just the spoken word. Armenian has its own alphabet. The country relies a lot on investment and the government is making progress with economic reforms which have resulted in substantial grants and loans.

Armenia has developed an industrial sector and research and technology are starting to grow in the country. Despite this most Armenians do not speak English, and that can be difficult for anyone setting up business in Armenia. Armenian or Slovenian translation services will be necessary.

English Armenian Spelling
Good morning Բարի’ լույս: /Bari luys/
Good morning (response) Աստծո բարին: /Ast.tzo barin/
Welcome Բարի գալուստ! /Bari galu’st/
Hello ԲարևՁեզ /Barev dzez/
How are you? Ինչպե՞ս եք /Inchpes ek?/
Reply to ‘How are you?’ Լավ եմ, շնորհակալություն: Դուք ինչպե՞ս եք /Lav em, snorhakaloutyun. Duk inchpes ek?/
What’s your name? Ինչպե՞ս ձեզ դիմել: /Inchpes dzez dimel?/
My name is… Անունս … է: /Anun’s … e/
Where are you from? Որտեղի՞ց եք: /Vorteghits ek?/
Pleased to meet you Շատ հաճելի է: /Shat hatcheli e/

The Quality of Armenian/English Translation Has to Be Superior

The challenges are both the language and the alphabet. Too many translation agencies can only provide some of the service needed. They do not always have native speakers working on projects. That is a serious deficiency when it comes to Armenian. Native speakers not only understand the language but the alphabet as well. They have a level of comfort with Armenian communication that can provide very high quality. An Armenian English translator has to be comfortable in either language. This is the only way to prevent very clumsy and confusing translations. We are a service that employs native speaking translators.

accurate language translation

The Armenian Translation Service Is Exemplary

We make a point of only using native speakers. These are the kind of translation professionals who are gifted with considerable dexterity. They are also comfortable with a different alphabet and can translate from English into Armenian or vice versa. This is particularly important in a country such as Armenia. Communication has to be clear and documents have to be accurate. Our proofreaders are familiar with Armenian grammar as well as English punctuation.

Why Choose Our Armenian to English Translators
Try Our Trusted Armenian to English Translation Services

Whichever way the translation Armenian to English is directed, the result is an accurate text that does not have any confusing errors. Among other Armenian to English translation services this is part of the service that we provide all of our clients.

We Go the Extra Step

Clients live in different time zones and that is why we offer 24/7 support services for all of our work. If you have a question you will be able to contact somebody who has the answer. Time is an important commodity and we work to the deadlines that have been agreed upon. You will receive the text at that moment when you need it. You can rest assured of confidentiality is maintained. We would never share a client’s work with anyone else without prior permission. These qualities of professional work are second nature to us. We do the very best for all of our clients.

Armenia is growing as an economy and its government wishes to expand business. Translation support can help any company establish a foothold in Yerevan or any other Armenian city. We want to be able to help you create the type of relationships that will bring profit to your company. We place a high priority and accuracy and we can deliver high-quality documents and other content you might need. As you work to establish business relationships in Armenia, your efforts will be greatly assisted by the best translation company.


We encourage you to get in touch with us to find out all of our Armenian English translation services!

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