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How to Distinguish a Good Book Translator

What Makes a Good Book Translation?

Literary translation is possibly the most difficult type of translation to perform. This is because there are the same issues to deal with that any translation will have, in addition to other issues that are unique to literary translation. For example, you need Macedonian translation services to translate a book. But, in addition to language proficiency, the translator must have the skills of literary writing.

Considerations to keep in mind when translating books include:

  • Differences in culture: A book translator must be aware of cultural differences that could cause problems and offend some readers. Humor differs, slang differs, tone and delivery to convey meaning differ. There are many things affected by cultural differences that the reader is only aware of if the translation is poorly done.
  • Retaining the original meaning: Of course, this is important in any translation and keeping to the original meaning and intent of the author is critical
  • Retain the same emotional impact: Sometimes what makes a book good is how it makes the reader feel. This may be the most difficult task for book translators, as it is possible to translate a book that retains its meaning but loses the emotional impact that made it good. A thriller that loses the thrill during translation is of little interest.

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Characteristics of a Good Book Translators

Obviously, the key to a good book translation is the translator. Some of the characteristics of a good book translator include:

  • Expertise in the source and target languages: For the best quality book translations, the translator must of comprehensive knowledge of both the original language as well as the language that is being translated to. Just being bilingual isn’t enough. The translator must have mastered the languages they work with.
  • Skilled writer: In literary translation good writing skills are imperative. Not just skilled regarding the rules of grammar and having a good vocabulary. They must be able to use the word of the target language to create the same feeling in the translation that the original author did when they wrote the book.
  • An affinity for the literature: The translator has to enjoy the literature they translate. They should enjoy reading the particular type of literature and be well read in the field/genre. If they feel nothing for the book they translate, that is sure to be reflected in the quality of the translation
  • Understanding of source and target cultures: Effective book translation requires a comprehensive understanding of both the source and target cultures. There are many nuances in communication and language that only somebody intimately familiar with the cultures involved will be able to convey accurately.

Our book translation services use a book translator only if they have those characteristics mentioned above and extensive experience to go with it.

We Provide Great Book Translations

Our book translation service can provide high quality book translations in over 50 languages. The book translators we use are experienced and skilled professionals and among the very best in the industry. Benefits of using our service include:

  • Guarantee of high quality and on time delivery with every translation we provide
  • Affordable book translation rates which are fair and competitive with any other service without sacrificing our high quality
  • Complete customer confidentiality
  • Courteous and helpful customer support 24/7

When you want the best quality book translation that is both fact and accurate contact us and get a translation from one of the best translators in the industry.

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