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How To Make A Multilingual WordPress Site: Best Translation Plugins

How To Make A Multilingual WordPress Site: Best Translation PluginsDo you need to know how to make a multilingual wordpress site?

With over 6 million websites out there on the internet powered by wordpress you can be sure that there are many that would like to be available in multiple languages. This would allow them to take advantage of traffic from other countries which do not speak their original language. Rather than make multiple translations using a translator to make copies of your website however it is possible to use some simple plugins that will automatically translate the content on your site and make it available to many more users. Besides, you may know more about technical translation services on our site.

The benefits of using translation plugins;

If you are looking at how to make a multilingual website then using one of the plugins listed at the end of the article will make the work so much simpler. A plugin can automatically translate the content of your website according to the needs of the visitor. All of the plugins listed provide you with the following benefits;

  • Translation into 50+ languages automatically for visitors to your site
  • Translation of both headings, menus and other plugins into the target language ensuring that the whole page is translated
  • Translation of the whole WordPress theme
  • Website owners can add their own languages
  • Translation of comments into target language

Drawbacks of using translation plugins for your WordPress site

When you are looking at how to make a multilingual WordPress site you must also be aware of the various issues that you may run into when using these plugins;

  • Translation is not perfect; software cannot truly translate the meaning of text so if you are using a lot of metaphors etc. you will find that your translation is far from perfect.
  • Plugins are not free to use or free versions are very limited as to what they can provide for you.
  • Support is only available for paid versions and is only available within your subscription period.
  • Some users complain about cluttered and difficult to use interfaces.
  • Very mixed feedback with regards to success or otherwise for the plugins used.

Recommended plugins to use when learning how to make a multilingual wordpress site

The following are the translation plugins that we recommend for you to use; please note that there are big differences between the paid and free versions of these plugins with regards to functionality. These plugins are listed in our order of preference; the best is first. They will provide all of the help that you need with how to make a multilingual WordPress site that will automatically provide your visitors with content in their own language. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about celebrities who speak multiple languages.

  • WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML), ( ) is probably the easiest of all of the plugins to use and has some of the best feedback from the users.
  • Multilingual Press ( ) is our second best choice. The paid version has support for some 174 languages which are also user editable as well as the option to fully copy other blogs into a new language including all aspects of widgets and themes.
  • Stella ( ) available as a free plugin with limited functionability. This is probably one of the simpler plugins to use but it is not as reliable or as useful as those above.

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