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How to Translate a Web Page to Your Language

Different ways how to translate a web page

Although English is the most widely used language on the internet, it is far from the only language that is being used. It has been estimated that there are as many as one billion people on the internet who don’t use English. That is a big market you are missing out on if your website is only in English. To enter this market will require translating some or all of your website into another language. Three options you have for how to translate a web page are:

  1. Translate the page yourself. This requires that you are fluent in both languages, and have the time to spend doing a translation.
  2. Use a computer program. There are many online programs for translating web pages. However, the translations provided are often inaccurate. Software doesn’t take word context into consideration, nor can it adjust for cultural differences.
  3. Translation services that use human translators. The most accurate and effective translations are those done by a live human translator. Web page translations are made taking into consideration cultural differences, word context, and meaning of text as opposed to word for word translations.

Obviously, a translation service with human translator web page such as our company offers is the best choice for web page translations.

Advantages of using a website translation service

Knowing how to translate a web page involves more than just an accurate translation of text, although that is part of it. Our translation web service performs localized translations of web pages which includes:

  • SEO localization – We know how to translate web page elements such as title tags and metadata so that the translated page ranks well in local search engines as well as international search engines.
  • Use of Content Management System(CMS) and ensure it has the right language support
  • Allow for text contraction and expansion. Depending on the language, text may occupy anywhere from 20 percent less space up to 30 percent more than English text.
  • Accurate and effect text translations that take into account cultural differences, and convey the meaning intended.

These are just some of the things we do to provide effective web page translations.

About our website translator service

We are committed to providing the best website translation services possible, and we want the translation process to be as easy for you as we can make it. Towards this end, using our service for your web page translation includes:

  • Affordable rates. Discounts are also available.
  • Guarantees that the service we provide meets all of your requirements.
  • Courteous and helpful customer support 24/7.
  • Easy online order and payment process.

When you need a web page or website translation, contact us for fast effective website translations at affordable rates.

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