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How We Provide App Translation Services

Superior App Localization Services

qualified-app-translation-servicesOur company provides complete application localization services of the highest quality. We take care of every aspect of localizing your app for use in a foreign country from accurate text translation and dealing with technical and cultural issues to the final testing of your application. Using our app translator service is fast and easy with our streamlined process.

Procedure for Using Our App Translation Services

Language localization and translation couldn’t be easier when you use our service. Our localization and translation process consists of the following five steps:

  1. Select the source and target languages for translation: On the online order form found on our website indicate the source language of your application. Then select the language you would like the app to be translated to.
  1. Send the app requirements and payment: Attach all necessary information to your order such as string files or XML files and anything else required. On our online payment page select the method you prefer to use to pay for the service. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal as means of payment. Our online payment platform is very secure and all of your information will be kept safe and confidential. Complete the transaction following the simple instructions provided for the payment method you select.
  1. Application is translated: Once payment has been confirmed your project will be assigned to one of our expert translators. Our translators are experienced professionals and will be a native speaker of the target language and fluent in the source language as well. The completed translation will retain the original meaning with nothing added or taken away. If the source text happens to contain any idioms or expressions that could be confusing the translator will use the appropriate target language equivalent. Technical issues due to text contraction/expansion or anything else will be resolved.
  1. Translation is proofread: To ensure complete accuracy we proofread every translation we provide. Proofreading is performed by a target language native speaker to make sure no errors exist and that the translation has retained its original meaning.
  1. Receive your completed order: Once the application translation is completed and has been proofread it will then be sent to you on or before the agreed upon date. The translation will be completely accurate and retain its original meaning.

We guarantee complete customer satisfaction and on time delivery for all work we provide. Our rates are inexpensive and very affordable without sacrificing quality or speed. Live customer support is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address any questions or concerns you may have during the process.

Contact us for accurate app translation services provided by well qualified professionals using our simple five step process.

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