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Most Popular Translation Pairs

mzl.jmqtoyso.175x175-75Many of the most popular translation pairs involve translating a foreign language into English, though there are a few that go in the opposite direction as well. Looking at this data through Keyword Planner was a good way to find out which pairs are the most important for those looking to hire a translator. Interested parties might very well do a little research of their own.

Spanish English Translation Dominates with 49,500,000 Searches

With a large Spanish speaking population within the United States as well as a renewed interest in Latin American studies, Spanish has never been more important. Migrations of large numbers have prompted this language and pushed it to a type of prominence that simply hasn’t been seen before.

French English Translation Got 49,500,000

Large numbers of French translation searches could have something to do with France being a major engineering and economic power in the world. French is also used as an international diplomatic language. In the United States, it’s sometimes used by businesses who want to market products in Canada. The same goes for businesses in English speaking Canadian provinces looking to fulfill requirements.

English French Translation Received 33,100,000 Look-Ups

Considering that this is looking for English to be converted into French the idea that some businesses are using French text to fulfill Canadian sales requirements gained even more legitimacy. Of course there are also plenty of people continuing to use it as a diplomatic language, which also helps to boost its prominence.

English Spanish Translation Received 27,100,000 Searches

Many of the same metrics by which Spanish was previously judged are equally applicable here. Spanish is continuing to rise as a very common language, and that means that people are going to be searching for it more in a way that alters search engine trends considerably.

German English Translation Received 27,100,000 Searches

Some European business consumers use sometimes German as a lingua franca, but it also has a large role to play in scientific fields. German is commonly used in the medical and automotive industries, and many prominent historical researchers primarily use German over other languages.

Italian English Translation Received 14,800,000 Searches

At one point, Italian family genealogical researchers would have dominated translation requests, but today art history is a major driving point. Agricultural products exported from Italy have also grown in the last few years, and packaging naturally has to be updated as a result.

English German Translation Received 14,800,000 Search Results

While there aren’t nearly as many searching for this pair as for the reverse, there are still plenty of individuals who need to translate between the two languages. It would be interesting to examine if there were any increases in German translation searches in the next few years or not.

English Italian Translation Rose to 12,100,000 Searches

This is the only other time that people on this list were actually searching for someone to translate text from English into another language. Unfortunately many of the top search results are for machine translation, which means that those looking to hire a translator may have had to go through a few different pages before locating someone they could trust.

Russian English Translation Got 8,100,000 Searches

Due to its use in technology and engineering, Russian has become economically important. On top of this the language has a variety of important cultural uses, and has recently rose to prominence because of renewed media coverage of the Russian Federation. As people do business in Russia this will rise even more.

English Chinese Translation Received 6,600,000 Look-Ups

Chinese is an interesting language because it’s not really a single language. Beyond this, there are differences in the traditional and simplified methods of writing it. Chances are that people who used this search term had to end up revising it once they initially typed it in to find the correct dialect of Chinese.

Considering the fact that English has quickly become an important language of international trade and business, translation into the language will become more common in the next few years. In fact, these trends seem to suggest that translating material to English from other languages will outpace translation into foreign languages from English. As a result the industry will adapt will more people prepared to write succinct English text.

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