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Online Chinese Translator Service

Chinese language translation services are in high demand as the country is still growing at a huge rate. The economy has been growing 6% year after year and China is now the second largest importer of goods and the world’s largest exporter. This huge growth has seen the demand for all services grow exponentially as more and more businesses need to overcome the language barrier. Many businesses now see the need for professional services to overcome the issues caused by using in-house translators or computer-driven translations. With 1.4 billion people this a huge market and one that no business can afford to ignore.

There is no need to learn Chinese or pour over dictionaries to translate documents when you have access to an expert online Chinese translator. We have certified Chinese translators skilled in Cantonese and Mandarin as well as the simplified and traditional versions of the language. If you need to have a translator to translate from Chinese to English all you have to do is send it to Best Translation Services to receive the document in the target language.

Use a Trusted Online Chinese Translator Service

Chinese is not a single language, depending on how you classify the languages there are between 7 and 14 groups of languages each with dozens of different dialects making this a highly diverse set of languages. Something that you must be aware of before doing any simplified Chinese translation. The following are some of the main languages and where they are spoken:

  • Mandarin: the Beijing dialect of Mandarin is the basis for standard Chinese. Mandarin is mainly spoken across the North and South Western portions of the country.
  • Wu: this language and its many dialects is spoken in Zhejiang province, Shanghai and in the south of Jiangsu province.
  • Yue: also known as Cantonese is one of the main languages and spoken across the South.
  • Min: this language is spoken by more than 70 million people across the Southeastern portion of the country.
  • Xiang: this is mainly spoken across Hunan province and into some of its neighbors.
  • Hakka: spoken within Hong Kong, Taiwan, and throughout the south of China.
  • Gan: is spoken widely through Jiangxi province.

Accuracy is paramount in any translation, but with translating documents to and from Chinese it is more important than ever to use an online Chinese translator that has the proper certifications. All online translators on our team have the required certifications as well as expertise in the topic of the material you send us that requires a Chinese text translator. You will notice that the translation into Chinese will be considerably shorter than the length of the original document because of the nature of the characters in the Chinese language.

Why Choose Our Chinese Translators
Try Our Trusted Chinese Translation Services

We offer a wide range of advantages and benefits through our professional translation services:

  • Access to fully qualified translators for your translation and not computer generated text.
  • Guaranteed delivery of your translation within the time that you specify.
  • Free proofreading of the text to ensure it is accurate and error free.
  • Money back guarantee based on your satisfaction with your Chinese translation.

The online Chinese translator assigned to your order does not rely on software to carry out the translation. We pride ourselves on having real people work on every document to translate word by word and sentence by sentence. Then the translator will review the document in the target language, whether it is translation to or from Chinese, to make sure it fits all the rules of grammar and punctuation and that it reads well. You can be sure that ordering professional Chinese translation online will not result in receiving documents that don’t make sense when you read them.

chinese translation services for business

What Documents Can Our Chinese Language Translation Services Help With?

Our Chinese translation services offer you a quick and accurate service through a large team of dedicated and proven translators. Our team work within the specific areas in which they have many years of experience and also professional qualifications to ensure that you get quality and accuracy every time. Hire Chinese translator on our website and get support with translating in all of the following areas:

  • Business documentation: our specialists will know precisely how your reports, business plans, and presentations are put together and can give you the support that you need to translate them to and from Chinese perfectly.
  • Marketing materials: from landing pages on your website to billboards our specialists can help you to ensure that not only will your writing read well it will also be localized to taking into account cultural differences.
  • Medical documents: you cannot afford to take any risks with the translation of care plans and other documents which is why we only supply you with medically qualified experts that will fully understand what you need translating and will be able to do it perfectly.
  • Legal translations: our legal team have higher degree qualifications in law and the experience required to ensure that your translations will be done accurately and clearly so that there are no issues with your papers.

Chinese text translation is greatly in demand as many countries do business with this industrial powerhouse. The following are a few of the language pairs that our services can help you with:

chinese text translation

Cost Effective Online Chinese Translator

If your business in China is growing there is no need to hire a translator in your company. The rates we charge for using the services of an online Chinese translator are the most reasonable of all other sites. We also provide a full range of translation services that include translating from other languages into Chinese and vice versa. We don’t limit our services to English and Chinese translation only. You will be able to use Best Translation Service for all your documents.



An online Chinese translator is available 24/7 to work on your needs in having documents translated. Place your order today with besttranslationservices.com!

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