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Ordering Translation Services: The Actual Reasons to Do It

The translation services are bought due to many reasons. The need for translated content can be occurred anytime while signing contracts, communicating, purchasing goods and traveling. Whenever you think of buying such services, make sure that the translation costs are reasonable and the work is worthwhile as well. the funny translation mistakes or any kind of errors also become the reason for preferring the professional help. People who can’t cope with such tasks and face issues in handling them also go for searching the translation experts. If you need a professional novel translation, let us help you right now!

Almost everyone (who wants their translation assignment done) aims for getting the work with no errors. They also want to create a better impression of the submitted transcribed draft in front of the readers. The bad google translates examples seem ideal to make improvements in your translation skills. If you are unsure about the personal capability of translating the content, then try to employ a translator for it. The translation services are also ideal to get the well-edited draft done with no hassle. Ordering translation services help has become quite common these days. It not only saves time but ends up in providing the desired kind of work to the buyers.

Average Cost of Translation Services across the Globe

Here is a table that shares the recent rates of translation services in different and popular languages across the world. The funny google translate jokes never share the correct rates of language conversion services though.

So, follow this table if you’re looking for authentic related information:


Translation Type Cost (Per Word)
English to Spanish 10 cents
English to Japanese 14 cents
English to Chinese 11 cents
English to French 10 cents
English to Arabic 10 cents
English to Russian 10 cents
English to Dutch 14 cents
Spanish to English 12 cents
Japanese to English 12 cents

These are the rates for standard translation services. However, the technical translation help charges a bit higher rates. Currently, many renowned online teams ask for such rates to deliver the translation assignments as per requirements. Come to us for the best and cheapest translation service.

Mistakes to Avoid in Translation

There can be numerous mistakes one can make while translating the content. The very first blunder we all do in translating the text content is to ignore the actual order of the written sentences.

Always follow the exact order to avoid the common translation mistakes:

  • Read out the text thoroughly and develop a proper understanding of it.
  • The use of exact words is important to make the draft worth reading.
  • Changing the real meaning of content is another mistake.
  • Extending the length of each sentence as compared to the actual length is something you should avoid.

Examples Explain It in a Better Way

  • A Chinese phrase written on the hoarding states that “Please, don’t touch yourself, Let us help you to try out. Thanks”.
  • Another Chinese Super Store’s name has been translated with the name “Slavery”. This really sounds humorous.
  • The rice product of Japan had a tagline which was translated as “Hele Soup of Smell of urine”.
  • A restaurant in China had a name that was transcribed with the phrase “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy”.
  • The New Zealand based restaurant has a signboard with the written notice, “Open on weekends and seven days a week”.
  • The Spanish restaurant’s billboard has something hilarious to say. It stated, “Come on in and get fed up”.

There are google translate mistakes Spanish and in many other languages as well. It will definitely help you in improving your translation skills.

Tips of Translation to Become a Pro

Translating the content must be done by following some useful translation tips.

You simply need to pay attention to these steps:

  • Stay attentive and focus on each word given in the document.
  • Discover the context of the information. This can help you in translating properly.
  • Try to use the thesaurus and dictionary for appropriate use of relevant words.
  • Make the certain parts of your paper and divide the passages in a proper manner. You can exclude the unnecessary lines that sound not so informative.
  • Throughout the content, try to use the same collocations. This is how you can excel in executing the well-translated assignments.

Our Professional Translation Services

There is no doubt about the translation help provided by our proficient staff. Any person who has a little knowledge or not fully mastered in performing this task can convey wrong information to the readers. Therefore, hiring the professional assistance become must to do. Our team has highly experienced translators who use grammar checking tools and also go through the work manually. Our manual translation services are worth to try in all of the aspects. They select the most suitable style to translate the text. This makes the content understandable.

translation service online for business needs

Translation Experts in Different Fields

Our team of expert translators is highly familiar with doing their job in various fields.

Take a look at some common fields our team is capable to translate content for:

  • The content’s conversion from one language to another in the field of IT is not too simple. Our translators can easily translate the technical content with the assurance of keeping actual meaning consistent.
  • The content related to a field of medicine is also translated into plenty of languages by our team.
  • Law translation is also quite hard to deal with. Our translators are familiar with changing the language of law-based documents in the most appropriate manner. We stand out in the crowd because of offering state of the art translation services. We don’t only offer the best Latin translation help but assistance in various other languages.

Contact reliable translation service to avoid translation mistakes!

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