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English Chinese Translation Service

English Chinese translation of business documents and websites is essential for any companies that want to break into markets that are opening in China. You may start out thinking that this is an easy task to complete with free translation sites and software to help you. However you will soon find that when it comes to translation, English to Chinese is no easy task and that you definitely need professional help for translation from English to Chinese. We have this assistance for you at

Complex issues with English Chinese translation

If you are not proficient in writing Chinese you will not be able to develop an accurate English Chinese translation. Online translators work for us and are available round the clock to help you deal with the problems you have with trying to work out an English Chinese translation. The main problem that occurs with English to Chinese translation online is that you not only have to know whether to use the simplified or traditional version of the language, but you do have to be familiar with a map of China to determine whether you need to use Cantonese or Mandarin. The location of your customer will dictate the manner in which you carry out the translation from English to Chinese.

Work with us for English Chinese translation

There are certain features to look for in a service that provides English to Chinese translation online. It is important that the service has only native Chinese speakers because of the different dialects and the manner in which accent marks can change the meaning of a character or a word. But it is not enough to have an in-depth knowledge of Chinese. In order to work well at translation, English to Chinese translators must also be proficient in the English language.

Other features to look for in English Chinese translation are:

  • Attention is paid to details
  • Use of proper rules of grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Work in a timely fashion
  • Cost-effective rates

We meet all these criteria at

Choose the best service when you need English Chinese translation for your important documents. is the best online translation site. Check us out today.

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