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Best Slovenian Translation Services

Best-Slovenian-Translation-ServicesThe Slovenian language, which is also known as Slovene, is spoken by 2.5 million people, most of whom live and work in Slovenia. But it is also a native language to Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, whilst a clutch of emigrant communities speak it in a number of countries throughout Europe and the farer world. A derivative of the Indo-European family of languages, the Slovenian language has a Latin alphabet, which is helpful when it comes to Slovenian to English translation, but is a relatively young standard language – it only became a national standard language in the 18th century. Slovenia itself has a very rich and complex history, and was once a part of the Holy Roman Empire. It didn’t become fully independent for the first time in its history until 1918, and is currently the only former Communist State that is a member of the EU.

The Importance of Slovenian Translation Services

Though there are a fair number of Slavic languages, the Slovenian language is known to be one of the most diverse in terms of dialects, which is why an accurate Slovenian translation is not always all that easy. Indeed, it is thought that the Slovenian language is home to an astounding 50 dialects. And because an accurate, high-quality Slovenian to English translation is absolutely paramount for businesses looking to translator their important documents, hiring the services of professional, expert Slovenian translation services is not to be underestimated. Expert Slovenian translation services guarantee an accurate Slovenian to English translation (and vice versa) that removes all margins for error, and gives the client peace of mind.

What We Do

In short, we at Professional Translation Services offer the kind of exhaustive list of Slovenian translation services that put our competitors in the shade. We offer up a number of document translation services that include all those important documents you need translating into Slovenian, be they medical documents or insurance documents, and we also offer a variety of Slovenian to English translation services to businesses who need to translate books, advertisements, banners – and even websites. We know how important it is that businesses reach out to their foreign clients across various mediums, which is why we offer a flexible service that aims to help businesses be as flexible as possible too!

Why Choose Us?

Okay, so you’ve been scouring the Internet for the best Slovenian to English translation services, but have so far hit a number of dead ends. They all promise the moon, but you get the impression that, actually, Slovenian isn’t their forte. We at Professional Translation Services are home to a team of language experts who know their languages inside out. Our expert team of professional translators don’t just work with languages – we live and breathe them. If you’re looking for that perfect Slovenian translation but have been scratching your head as to where to find it (eventually contemplating learning Slovenian yourself), we can offer you our expert translators. Not only that, but we also offer special rates and discounts, as well as brilliant offers – such as our ‘rush’ turnaround – and a free proofreading by a native speaker. If you want to find out more about what we can do for you, why not check our website our further?

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