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Irish Translation Services

Irish-Translation-ServicesWhilst only a small number of Irish people actually speak Irish as a first language, a larger number of people speak it as a second language. An Indo-European language, the Irish language is also referred to as Irish Gaelic, or just plain Gaelic. 1.77 million people speak it in the the Republic of Ireland, with almost 65,000 speaking it in Northern Ireland. There are also a significant number of people who speak Irish in the USA and Canada, whilst close to 2,000 speak it in Australia. Ireland itself is a historical island that was referred to by Julius Caesar and his men as ‘Little Britain,’ with the larger island next to it – vacated by Wales, Scotland and England – christened ‘Great Britain’ by the Roman’s. It remains an island politically divided by the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The Importance of Irish Translation Services

One of the biggest problems for English speakers when it comes to the Irish language is the fact that broad-slender pairs have a grammatical function, and thus create issues for English speakers. Moreover, the grammar of Irish is home to features that are peculiar for Indo-European languages, and for this reason if you are looking to translate Irish to English – or vice versa – for business reasons (or even for individual reasons), it’s important that you don’t underestimate how much a professional, expert Irish English translator can help you. A highly skilled Irish English translator knows the Irish language inside out and understand its complexes and grammatical nuances, and can therefore take your documents and produce an accurate translation that enhances your business.

What We Do

We at Professional Translation Services provide comprehensive Irish translation services that includes localisation, proofreading, desktop publishing, as well as formatting. Whether you’re in need of an important document to be translated and require an Irish English translator, or whether you need a website translating into Irish so that you can expand your customer base, we are committed to providing you with an accurate Irish translation services that ensures security – because we know how important translated documents often are. The services we offer come with special prices and excellent discounts, and we also thrown in free proofreading by native speakers!

Why Choose Us?

At Professional Translation Services, we know how important a translation is to our customers. We understand the need for a knowledgeable, quality and highly skilled Irish – English translator, which is why we have put together a team of language experts that not only know their languages inside out – but who happen to love what they do. We can offer you superior quality, commitment, passion, knowledge, an accurate translation, and we also thrown in a few bonuses such as our special ‘Rush’ turnaround which is essentially us translating your short documents within 24 hours. We work hard, we work quickly – but we never miss a word. If you want to find out more about what we can do for you, check our website further today for more information.

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