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Macedonian Translation Services

Macedonian-Translation-ServicesThe Macedonian language is the official language of the Republic of Macedonia. A South Slavic language, the official number of people who speak Macedonia is the subject of disputation, but it is generally thought to be spoken by around two million people, and, as well as being the main language in Macedonia, it is recognised as a minority language in Serbia and Albania. Macedonia itself is a landlocked country that sits between four countries: Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania. An ancient country, it is home to Ohrid Lake, the world’s oldest lake. Estimated to be 4 million years old, Ohrid Lake is also one of Europe’s deepest. Formerly part of Yugoslavia, Macedonia achieved independence in 1991, the only country to attain independence without any bloodshed.

The Importance of Macedonian Translation Services

The Republic of Macedonia initially fared badly when it broke free from Yugoslavia. At the time, it was was the poorest republic of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, but GDP has since increased every year since 1996 – with the only exception being 2001. This means more and more of us are coming into contact with the Macedonian language, as their economy begins to expand out into the world. For this reason, Macedonian translation services are growing in importance. And because Macedonian is such an ancient and nuanced language, with dialects very similar to Bulgarian, Croatian and Torlakian, if you are to be requiring a Macedonian to English translation, it’s imperative that you make use of professional, expert Macedonian translation services who understand the language perfectly.

What We Do

We at Professional Translation Services offer a number of services that help you connect with your Macedonia-based clients. We provide a document translation service, which could help you with any number of Macedonian to English translation problems, be they documents for immigration purposes or medical purposes. We offer an exemplary website Macedonian translation services that ensures the messages on your website are not lost in translation with your readers. We also offer legal translation, and because we are home to a team of expert proofreaders who will make sure that your translation is completely error-free, we also offer a super proofreading Macedonian translation services.

Why Choose Us?

Although there are a number of Macedonian to English translation services available, Professional Translation Service Online aims to be the best by rewarding our customers with a professional, expert service that guarantees you with impeccable translations every time. We know how important it is that you communicate with your clients, no matter which part in the world they are from, which is why we’re home to a team of diligent translators who speak a wide variety of languages. Not only that, but we also offer hugely competitive rates, as well as a flexible service that can’t be beaten. If you have a short document that needs translating within 24 hours, we’re on hand to help out. For longer documents, a bit more time will be required because we put huge onus on precision and absolutely spot-on results. If you need help with professional translation, why delay? Get in touch with us today.

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