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Professional Proofreading of Translated Texts

When you have items translated from English to Spanish or any other language either on your own or by an automatic machine, there can be errors everywhere. Even if the document contains only the slightest error, it can lead to grossly mistranslated and therefore misunderstood content.

Using Our Professional Proofreading

When you turn to our team of trusted professional proofreaders, you can rest assured that your content will be reviewed carefully not just for quality and standard errors but for style. We want the information from your original text to match the writing style of the translated text. You likely put a lot of effort into your writing project and content which is why we want to make sure it reads well and reflects upon that time in both languages.

Our Qualifications As Translation Proofreaders

Not only are we qualified as proofreaders academically and linguistically, but we have teams of skilled writers who can not only read over the content to ensure proper spelling and sentence structure, but are equipped with the skills to verify even the most unique jargon such as that contained in medical records or legal documents to ensure precision. If you need to proofread training material which you translated we will review each page, document, and graphic to ensure that even a single word is correct so as to ensure your message gets across. Direct translation can lead to errors that many would not catch, because it uses thesaurus comparisons to select words which fit. This is not always appropriate and could reflect poorly upon you as an individual or your company.

We ensure confidential work for every one of our customers. Contact our representatives today to speak more about your proofreading project, find out prices, and ask any questions about the services we have to offer.

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