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Professional Translation for Chinese

Professional translation for Chinese is a unique field. The political situation in the South China Sea has created a variety of written styles. Professional translation for Chinese traditional is appropriate for those working with documents published in mainland China before the mid-20th century, as well as those working with modern documents from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Chinese Diaspora.

Professional Translation for Chinese Prose

Then again, those working with modern documents from the Peoples Republic of China will want to work with professional translation for Chinese simplified characters. These have become the standard writing system used within the Chinese mainland. Indeed, special permission has to be given in many situations for people to use traditional Characters in the mainland. Those who hire professional translation for Chinese will of course expect their translators to know the difference.

Professional Translation for Chinese Books

Professional Chinese translation is exceptionally important for longer documents. Romanization methods will get in the way in these longer texts. Those who need Chinese to English translation are in a particularly stiff place. Many who work in Taiwan prefer the Wade Giles system. Pinyin romanizations are used in Mainland China. An additional system exists for Cantonese names in Hong Kong, and a professional Chinese translator better know about all of these systems.

We’ll give you our best Chinese translator, so you won’t have to worry about the right way to write a name. You won’t even have to worry if you were translating the text in a manhua character sheet or something like that. On the other hand, our English to Chinese translator staff will know the correct characters to inscribe roman text too. in Chinese

Hiring a professional Chinese translator is crucial. Recording the correct characters can mean the difference between making a point and offending someone. The best Chinese translator knows how to work with any particular dialect. We’ll assign an English to Chinese translator for you that has experience with the particular dialect that you’re working with. While Cantonese and Mandarin are by far the most popular, some people will need Chinese to English translation that works with another dialect.

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