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Our agency’s official translation services offer official translation of personal, administrative, and governmental documents, including official translation of birth certificates. We use only professional linguists who have extensive experience supplying official translation services. They understand the official requirements various countries have and can help individuals through each step of a sometimes arduous process.

Official Translation of Birth Certificates

Our agency’s official translation services include official translation of birth certificates, which is the most common request of our official translation service. Official translation of birth certificates must be performed by a professional translator or translation company such as ours. In the United States, the official translation must be on company letterhead showing the name and address of the professional translator or translation company. In addition, the complete word for word translation must be formatted as closely as possible to the original birth certificate. Finally, a statement from the translator or translation company must be included, attesting to the fact that the translator believes the translation to be an accurate, full, and complete translation of the source document. Our official translation services are full service, so we will supply these documents for you and you will have one less thing to worry about!

Official Translation of Documents

Our full service official translation services can also provide official translations of any other personal, governmental, or even corporate documentation such as a Certificate of Incorporation. Often, students applying for higher education outside of their home countries require extensive official translation services of transcripts, awards, scholarships, academic achievements, and applications. Our official translation services staff consists of professional linguists who are experienced with these types of official translation needs.

Official translation services also serve business corporations and law firms to provide official translation of important documents. Whether serving as a part of a litigation team, translating laws or regulations from other countries, or translating a basic office memorandum, our official translation services are there to assist.

Many individuals attempt to utilize machine or automated translators for their official translation services, but these seldom provide a high quality, accurate translation, and they will not be accepted by official courts or governmental agencies. Contact us today to get your official translation services performed by a professional.

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