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The Common British Slang vs the American: Get to Know

Do You Need to Understand Common British Slang?

When most people think of translation they think of going from one language such as English into a completely different language such as Chinese. What many people don’t realize is that there can be very big differences in just how a single language is spoken between different countries. A case in point is that of American English vs. UK English. Modern American slang and English language use are very different from that practiced in the UK so you may find that something said by a native American or UK English speaker will not be understood by the other. Besides, if you really need a native American translation of business plan for freelance translators, visit our site and see how it will help you.

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Translating Common British Slang and Other Words into American

It is not just common British slang that needs to be translated when it comes to making a translation suitable for the US. Common words that are used every day often have very different meanings between the two countries. Below are just a few examples of how common British slang and other words and phrases should be said in US English. In addition, you may find suggestions on our site for the very best translation blogs for you to follow to boost your translation skills and knowledge:

UK English American English
I want to eat Chips I want to eat French fries
I want to eat Crisps I want to eat Chips
I need a rubber I need an eraser
You need to stand in this Queue You need to stand in this Line
I went to Public school I went to a private school
I live in a flat I live in an apartment
I need a taxi I need a cab
I love the Autumn I love the Fall
I want to eat a biscuit I want to eat a cookie
I need a nappy for my baby I need a diaper for my baby
Follow the motorway Follow the highway
Turn left at the garage Turn left at the gas station
I am wearing trousers I am wearing pants
I need a new pair of pants I need a new pair of briefs
We are going on holiday to Spain We are going on vacation to Spain
I need petrol I need gas (or gasoline)
I will buy some trainers I will buy a pair of sneakers
Lift the bonnet Lift the hood
Let’s take the underground (or tube) Let’s take the subway
Put the shopping in the boot Put the shopping in the trunk
Let’s sit in the garden Let’s sit in the yard
Where is the tap? Where is the faucet?
Please close the curtains Please close the drapes
Put it in the wardrobe Put it in the closet
Take the lift Take the elevator
Put it in the rubbish Put it in the garbage (or trash)
Look out for the lorry Look out for the truck
Don’t step off the pavement Don’t step off the sidewalk
Close it with sellotape Close it with scotch tape
Do you want a fag? Do you want a cigarette?
I need a plaster I need a band-aid
Where will I find a chemist? Where will I find a pharmacist
I need to cut my fringe I need to cut my bangs
Let’s go to the cinema Let’s go to the movie theater
Put the baby in the pram Put the baby in the stroller (or baby carriage)



Explore what common British slang and UK English words mean in American English and contact us to get an accurate translation!

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