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The Perfect Service to Translate Subtitles

With the entertainment industry transcending boundaries and attaining worldwide acceptance, it is becoming increasingly important for movie companies to translate subtitles. You can only imagine that translating subtitles as essential as correct poetry translation. The likes of Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood are viewed by hundreds of millions of people on foreign tv around the globe. Hence, for the billions of non-English speakers out there, they need to enjoy the content as well, but in the comfort of their native language. Hence, high-quality services to translate movie subtitles are greatly desired!

Apart from the entertainment industry, international trade is also one sector where subtitles play a crucial role; doesn’t matter whether it’s a pharmaceutical translation by a company marketing its products internationally, or the food industry targeting a wider audience! So how can countries convey the important news to their trade partners? How can they be able to facilitate communication during board meetings? And how can they be able to ease the transition of goods and services? Only through audio and video subtitles is this possible!

reasons of translate subtitles

Reasons Why You Need to Translate Subtitle

On a smaller scale, if you are running a personal business, here are some of the reasons why translating subtitles is important:

  • Translating subtitles improve SEO. With the solidification of the Internet and social media as the most lucrative advertising platform, more businesses are targeting their customers online with compelling videos. First of all, if you don’t have an explainer video for your business, what are you waiting for? We urge you to get one soon! And once your business has a video, Google normally gives it a higher ranking because videos are shown to have a conversion rate. But how does Google single out the thousands of videos that target the same market? When you translate your subtitles, Google acknowledges the fact that this is a unique trait within its algorithm, and ultimately improves your ranking substantially!
  • Subtitles allow your video to be watched by the deaf and hard of hearing. One community that many people fail to account for in their videos is the deaf and hard of hearing. This is unfortunate because they get to miss out on the message as well as the content of your video. And some institutions have suffered the consequences with deaf employees filing successful lawsuits against them! To be on the safe side, always translate your subtitles to a myriad of languages to cater to this community all over the world.
  • Translated subtitles can be used in public environments or places where silence is to be maintained. Say that your target market is individuals based in the corporate world. More often than not, they will be in their offices conducting their daily work schedules. Perhaps during a lunch break, one or two will come across your marketing video online while munching away at their sandwich. But because they are in a work environment, they cannot use the sound to listen to your product pitch. But wait, you have subtitles yes? Awesome! It’s even better if you have them in multiple languages!
  • To help non-native speakers familiarize with content well. As you know, one language can have different dialects, and speakers can have varying accents depending on their geographical positioning as well as their culture. Hence, for non-native speakers watching a video from say a New-Zealand English speaker, they can find it impossible to understand if they are used to American Speakers. To assist them, using accent translation will help them understand words they failed to grasp the first time!
  • To help you reach a wider audience. Having the ability to translate subtitles to English, Spanish, or any other language is great if you are planning to reach an international audience. This way, you can be able to market your products or services abroad, leading to higher leads, greater customer conversions, and a profit for your business!
  • Helps you be unique as compared to your competitors. Simply the process of placing a translated subtitle in your videos shows that you have gone the extra mile to make the viewing experience more pleasurable for viewers, and they will definitely be impressed by this gesture!

online professional translator service

Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Translator to Translate Subtitles Instead of Using Automatic Tools

As you know, translator tools can never really replace humans. They can merely be used as a means of making the translation process much easier. Before we unveil our set of most recommended automated explainer tools, here are a few reasons why your human translator will beat your translator tool any time of day!

  • Automated tools cannot be programmed to understand the culture. The truth is that machines have a hard time knowing idioms, recognizing slang, and in some special instances, names of people! What’s even worse for these machine translators is that these kinds of items are unique to each and every culture and language! Hence, machines have not yet advanced to a level to be able to understand these variations. And to be honest, scientists don’t think they will be able to anyway!
  • Automated tools cannot relate words to context. In many languages; a word can have a dual meaning. Let’s have a look at one example in the English language with the word ‘tears.’ On first thought, it could mean the secretions we make from our eyes whenever we experience strong emotions. However, it could also refer to the action of a paper bag being ripped! Do you think the automated tool will be able to grasp such a complex change in word context?

    professional subtitles translator

    Image credit: sourceforge.net

  • Only humans can be able to replicate style and tone. In every article, there is usually a given style or tone that one needs follow when translating. It doesn’t matter whether it is official, friendly, persuasive, or even poetic! More often than not, machines usually lose the tone of their translations; usually resulting in flatness that sort of reminds you of the monotone Google voice on videos! Hence, you can never rely on automated tools to replicate the tone!
  • No translation can be complete without the human touch. Despite translation tools becoming more efficient and advanced with time, the human touch is something that even the most advanced AI will never be able to achieve! That being said, having the human feel just gives your translation that extra and unique feel!

Some Funny Examples on Youtube Translate Subtitles Failure

On a lighter note, here are a few examples where the subtitle tool on Youtube has failed miserably:

  • Youtube at it again! In this video, we get to experience the hilarious attempt of the Youtube tool trying to grasp what a video is saying. It is quite entertaining and you have to see it to believe it!
  • College humor experiment. An interesting piece where a popular Youtube channel known as College Humor makes fun of the subtitle tool. You have to watch it with a bowl of popcorn on the side!

subtitles translation tools

List of Useful Tools to Synchronize with While You Translate Subtitles

Here are some of the tools we recommend you utilize together with our subtitles translation services:

  • Subtitle workshop. This is by far the finest free subtitle translating tool out there! In fact, there is literally no format or feature that you will fail to find in this tool! Moreover, it’s got a great user interface, enabling you to execute essential features such as spell checker, video preview, and fixing tools!
  • Gnome subtitles. This free tool is specially geared to support subtitling issues when using the Gnome desktop. You can do all the essential features such as translating, editing, previewing, as well as synchronizing video subtitles!
  • Ayato 3. This is considered the most powerful subtitle translation for open-caption translations as well as closed-caption in the shortest time possible! However, for Ayato, you have to pay a monthly premium.
  • Jubler. This translator tool uses all the popular subtitle formats in order to do accurate translations, conversion, and correction of existing subtitles into new subtitles! And the best perk is that it is free!
  • SubMagic. This free application allows the translation, editing as well as a conversion of subtitles. One of its perks is that it does not require .NET framework support because it has been included in its latest update!
  • Gaupol. A free translator tool, this software runs both Unix and Windows and is convenient for translating multiple documents as well as editing text-based files
  • Subtitle translators. This is a unique line by line translating tool that enables you to redefine shortcuts, tad as well as automatically saves after a specified interval. Oh, and did we mention that it is also free as well?
  • Aegisub advanced subtitle editor. This tool employs cutting-edge technology to enable you to perform advanced translations in over 30 different languages. The best thing about this free tool is that it has swift and speedy audio and video capabilities!
  • Subtitle editor. This translator tool has cool features such as editing, splitting, joining and of course, translating subtitles. And you can access it over the internet for free!
  • OmegaT. This free albeit strong subtitle translator supports SDLXIFF, TXML, TMX plus much more translation memory applications.

So if you are looking for the quintessential online service provider to help you with your subtitles translation, then you have come to the right place! We offer comprehensive services once you get connected to our subtitles translator such as translation, editing, as well as ensuring the subtitles maintain a good flow with the video! We also offer other plus features such as str synchronization!


So get in touch with us today if you need assistance to translate subtitles, and we will immediately attend to your request!

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