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Top 10 Language Twitterers a new language, twitter can help

If you are learning a new language for any reason or are just looking for additional help to hone your language skills then using social media tools such as twitter can help you. Being able to follow the various tweeters that discuss learning different languages, translating and even working in different languages as a freelancer can help you to develop your skills and even grow your business. From being able to see how people structure tweets in multiple languages through to following their links to read their blog posts and other resources that they use you will soon learn a huge amount more about your targeted languages. If you want to be a twitter language translator or just learn more, our list of the top 10 language twitter people to follow will help you to develop your skills. In addition, you may find more information about best marketing translation services by visiting our site.

Top ten language twitter users to follow

The following language twitter users are the ones that we judge will give you the most information and help with learning your targeted languages or with learning more about language use and translation. Follow these twitter users to get more language based resources;

  1. @ALSINTL  – This twitter user provides all forms of translation, transcription, interpretation and localization services in some 157 different languages. They also provide great information and industry news in these areas.
  2. @rosettastone – One of the world’s best resources for learning languages; follow this user for many different learning related resources.
  3. @LanguageLog – Links and resources regarding linguistics and language use around the world.
  4. @aboutworldlangs – This user promotes cultural awareness as well as language skills from around the world; well worth following if you want a better understanding of the languages that you are using.
  5. @TranslatorsWB – An independent no- profit making organization; translators without borders provides free professional translation and other services to NGOs around the world to help them with their charitable works.
  6. @NOVALanguages – A language agency that often provides links to very useful resources across a wide range of different languages.
  7. @language_news – A great resource for finding information about language and also travel to the various countries around the world.
  8. @aarongmyers – Many different posts providing you with links to very helpful resources that you can use for learning languages, translation and interpretation as well as other useful information.
  9. @dictionarycom – Provider of many different language products and different services, worth following for the information that they provide.
  10. Marta Stelmaszak @mstelmaszak – Useful language twitter user that provides a huge amount of information not just about languages and translation but also about being a successful freelancer in the business.

Follow the best language twitter users to get success with your translations

All of the twitter users above provide a huge amount of information about not only speaking the languages that you are using but also about freelancing as a translator as well as hints and tips about doing translations and interpretation. There are also many other users out there that you can find and follow that will help you with either personal or business language development. Besides, you may find the best tips for you to learn how to speak multiple languages quickly without becoming confused on our site.

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