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Top 5 Must-Follow Translation Blogs 2019

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Should You Follow Translation Blog?

If you are getting involved in translation then you will at some point be looking for advice with regards to everything around the business of translation. This could be tips to make translation easier, where to find translation gigs and even what is going on in the industry or how your languages are developing. Finding this information can be quite difficult however there is an easy way to stay up to date without expending too much of your valuable time; subscribe to a regularly updated transcription blog that discusses everything about the industry. These translation blogs will provide you with up to date news about translation and a huge amount of help all from qualified and experienced translators that are happy to share their experiences and skills. Besides, you may learn the easiest languages to learn for English speakers before you embark on learning a new language.

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Top 5 Translation Blogs to Follow

The following sections are to share what we believe are the top 5 translation blogs that you should follow if you really want to stay on top of your profession:

This blogs main focus is around the German language although the author also provides translations in French, Spanish and English. This is a well written and useful translation blog that will give you plenty of advice around what it is really like to work as a translator in this very busy industry. It is frequently updated and the comments are also well worth reading for additional tips and ideas.

Another excellent translation blog that is very much focused on what it is like to be a translator and how to juggle the work load with your day to day life. This is one of the better translation blogs if you are looking for a lot of hints and tips as to how to get the work done. The author is a certified translator for English to French translations but their advice is applicable and useful across the board when it comes to translation.

A blog run by identical twins who both work within the industry translating in French, German, Spanish and English. The blog is more like a professional translation website and the navigation and structure make it very easy to find help in the various topics that you may be searching for. A very well written and easy to use site that will really help you out.

Written by a full-time translator that translates from French, German and Spanish into English. She is particularly good in providing very helpful tips and tricks to help with your translating accuracy and speed; things that you will not be taught when you are training to be a translator. This is one to the translation blogs to follow also if you want to keep track of what is going on with regular industry news as well as reports on conferences and the like.

Translation can be can often be a task that is time-consuming and quite frankly at times quite boring. This translation blog, however, seeks to make translation fun and provides you with all of the humor that you could ever need related to translating and being a translator.  So if you need that brief moment out of your translating to pick yourself up this is an excellent choice to give yourself a boost. For example, we can help you to get English to Kurdish translation and many others.

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Looking for the Best Translation Services? Explore the Best Ones with Us!

What are the best translation services for hire? If you are looking to translate your document, website page and other texts, you can check out this list where you will learn some of the free tools to use when you need to convert your text from its original language into another one of your selected language. Check out the list of 19 of the best translation services:

  • BabelXL is one of the best translation services in the world that support 52 languages. You can simple enter your text or copy and paste it onto the interface and you’re done. You will not have any problem using this reliable translation service.
  • PROMT Translator can support both website page and text translation. It can help you convert up to seven languages, including Russian and German. For the website translator, it can support up to four languages, including Spanish and German.
  • SDL Free Translation can help you translate online without any hassles. You can even work and translate up to 10,000 words using it at once. It can support up to seven languages for website page translation.
  • SYSTRANet works as a free service that can translate using up to 14 languages. You can also enter up to 3,000 words at once and translate online pages into another language easily.
  • Frengly can support 34 languages and can translate text automatically using any virtual keyboards there are. What you can do is to simply enter your text and then choose the language where you want the original text to be translated.
  • Google Translate support 54 languages and provides you with an easy to use interface. You can just enter a website page or text or upload a document to translate. This is simply one of the best tools around, so do not think twice using it for all types of translation needs you have.
  • Nice Translator works as an online translation service that is powered by Google. It can support 51 languages and can also convert your text into multiple languages even by using the same website page.
  • Tradukka is another online translator to help you convert text into your desired language fast! You can also depend on it for translating your text while you are typing it. The tool can also work up to 5,000 characters at once.
  • WorldLingo can support up to 31 languages and support a document file, text or website. You can also convert any email into your desired language before sending to your friends.

  • Dictionary.com Translator is one of the most useful translators online because it can support up to 53 languages, including Maltese. However, you can only translate 300 characters at once, so you may need to translate a long document into batches.
  • Free Translation is a good tool to use for all types of translations, including website pages and documents. It does not cost a cent using it, so go on! Free Translation can help with your task with its ability of translating in 41 languages. You can make use of it with your website pages and documents when you need real time translation. This is among the favorite tools for both professionals and students because it works in an instant. You don’t need to wait long until you get the results from the translation you have been working on.
  • Bing Translator can support up 44 languages with an easy to use interface that is as useful as that of Google’s, Bing is a great free translation online that you can depend on anytime. However, this is an online tool, so you will need to be connected to the internet when using it.
  • Babelfish should not be confused with the Yahoo! Version of Babelfish. It can support only 300 characters at once, however. Nevertheless, you can depend on this free translation online if you are looking for easy and quick translations online.
  • Reverso is one of the best online translators that have been used by thousands of people from around the world. It can offer you with full translation that it can read for you in your language of choice. You can just click a button and go! You can use it free, so no worries at all, too!
  • Universal Translator is a universal helper for both professionals and students looking to get help for their translation tasks. It works for many people in terms of getting quick results that won’t give them any problem. However, you should have a Google chat account if you want to install it. The other person should also have a Google chat account, but not both of you need to install the tool.
  • SpeakText is another fast-rising free translation online to depend on if you have projects for translation. You can use either the free or the paid version of this app, which is available in the App store and other downloading websites.
  • Voice Translate Pro is a versatile tool to let you speak languages used in more than 100 countries with its excellent voice translation feature. This is very easy to use and keeps on improving with frequent updates.
  • iProTranslate may be for you if you are a frequent translator because this can support up to 40 languages and is very easy to use, too.
  • Waygo is a useful, uprising translation service online that offers visual translations, too. It can support both the Japanese and Chinese visual translation you will need if you were conducting business or having a personal trip to these countries.

The best translation app and free online translation tools are right there for most of your translation needs, so do not think twice in using any of them for your projects. Certainly, you will find the best of them all based on your expectations, but to tell you, these are the best free services to use online.


Study your options well and do not hesitate in using any of tools for free translation online we have mentioned here today!

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