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Top 5 Must-Follow Translation Blogs 2019

Should you follow translation blogs?

If you are getting involved in translation then you will at some point be looking for advice with regards to everything around the business of translation. This could be tips to make translation easier, where to find translation gigs and even what is going on in the industry or how your languages are developing. Finding this information can be quite difficult however there is an easy way to stay up to date without expending too much of your valuable time; subscribe to a regularly updated transcription blog that discusses everything about the industry. These translation blogs will provide you with up to date news about translation and a huge amount of help all from qualified and experienced translators that are happy to share their experiences and skills. Besides, you may learn the easiest languages to learn for English speakers before you embark on learning a new language.

accurate language translation

The following sections are to share what we believe are the top 5 translation blogs that you should follow if you really want to stay on top of your profession

Transblawg (http://transblawg.eu/ )

This blogs main focus is around the German language although the author also provides translations in French, Spanish and English. This is a well written and useful translation blog that will give you plenty of advice around what it is really like to work as a translator in this very busy industry. It is frequently updated and the comments are also well worth reading for additional tips and ideas.

Thoughts on Translation (http://thoughtsontranslation.com/ )

Another excellent translation blog that is very much focused on what it is like to be a translator and how to juggle the work load with your day to day life. This is one of the better translation blogs if you are looking for a lot of hints and tips as to how to get the work done. The author is a certified translator for English to French translations but their advice is applicable and useful across the board when it comes to translation.

Translation Times (http://translationtimes.blogspot.com/ )

A blog run by identical twins who both work within the industry translating in French, German, Spanish and English. The blog is more like a professional translation website and the navigation and structure make it very easy to find help in the various topics that you may be searching for. A very well written and easy to use site that will really help you out.

There’s something about translation (http://www.dillonslattery.com/ )

Written by a full-time translator that translates from French, German and Spanish into English. She is particularly good in providing very helpful tips and tricks to help with your translating accuracy and speed; things that you will not be taught when you are training to be a translator. This is one to the translation blogs to follow also if you want to keep track of what is going on with regular industry news as well as reports on conferences and the like.

Translator Fun (http://translatorfun.com/ )

Translation can be can often be a task that is time-consuming and quite frankly at times quite boring. This translation blog, however, seeks to make translation fun and provides you with all of the humor that you could ever need related to translating and being a translator.  So if you need that brief moment out of your translating to pick yourself up this is an excellent choice to give yourself a boost.


Explore the best translation blogs with us!

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