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Top Flemish English Translation Services

Flemish is also known as Belgian Dutch. It is a language that is spoken in northern Belgium and this can create some complexities for business. There is a degree of regional pride and the Flemish community prefers to deal in Flemish as opposed to French or German.

Flemish is actually made up of four very distinct dialects. The following are the four dialects that you need to consider when making Flemish to English translation:

  • Brabantian: this dialect of Flemish is spoken in Antwerp, Belgium (Flemish Brabant) and the Netherlands (North Brabant).
  • Limburgish: you will find spoken in Limburg Belgium and Limburg Netherlands across into Germany.
  • West Flemish: is spoken throughout West Flanders, western Zeelandic Flanders, and also in France.
  • East Flemish: you will find spoken in East Flanders and Eastern Zeelandic Flanders

Brussels remains a bilingual area but Antwerp and other northern towns are in the Flemish areas of the country. Many times it is not easy to get around this and English is not always the best alternative. Flemish or Armenian translation services are needed.

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Flemish/English Translation Is Also Important

You have to approach the language situation with the diplomacy that would be required in Québec, where French is a dominant language. Companies in the Flemish area of Belgium are going to be very sensitive to the use of their predominant language. This means being able to translate documents into Flemish as well as doing translations from Flemish into English. Not all translation agencies are able to perform this. Flemish is very localized and you need native speakers. Fortunately for you and anyone else who is doing business in northern Belgium, we have native speakers on staff.

Our Translators Are Comfortable with the Language

We understand how sensitive using the right language can be. Our translators are native speakers who understand Flemish and its grammar structure. Our staff can take English documents and translate them into very precise Flemish. It is also true that the translators can take Flemish and convert it into English paragraphs. It is because our staff is selected on their high comfort level with either language. We also have proofreaders who are conversant in either language. They can spot any problems and correct then before there is a difficulty. Accuracy is something we are always concerned about. You can be assured that documents are carefully checked before they are returned to you.

What Translation From Flemish to English Can We Provide for You?

We provide you with a wide range of English to Flemish translation online through our highly reliable translation experts. We have been building our teams of translators for many years and only work with those that are able to perform to the standards that our clients require. They cover a wide range of different subject areas allowing us to offer accurate translations in a wide number of different areas. We always review your specific requirements and will match our translator accordingly. This allows us to help with:

  • Legal documents: getting legal translations wrong could lead to significant delays or even major problems. This is why we will always match you with a translator that is experienced and qualified in this area to ensure their understanding.
  • Medical documentation: translating a treatment plan or other medical information incorrectly could have lethal results. You will therefore only be provided with translations through staff that are suitably qualified in this area.
  • Marketing information: from translating advertisements to flyers and product information our experts are able to provide you with perfectly written translations that will reflect the culture and expectations of your target audience.
  • Business documents: we can provide you with support for all forms of business reports, actions plans, tenders, and many others. All are translated by skilled staff with many years of experience with the areas that they work in.
  • Technical translations: this can cover anything from specifications to operating manuals. Often these will require to be translated by an expert in the field of the documentation which is why you will want to work with us.

Additional Services Are Part of What We Provide

We are very sensitive about deadlines and we will see to it that the translation project is delivered on time. You need not worry about confidentiality. We do not share anything with anyone unless we have permission. Our support service is 24/7, so you will be able to get answers to questions no matter what time of day or night. We want to see to it that you get the best possible service.

Why Choose Our Flemish to English Translators
Try Our Trusted Flemish to English Translation Services

We ensure the quality of our services by offering you all of the following through our professional services:

  • We deliver all orders on time: select the time frame for your service and we will never exceed the agreed deadline.
  • Free proofreading: we never deliver poor quality or inaccurate writing. It will be carefully checked to eliminate writing errors and to ensure that the translation is correct.
  • Full satisfaction with your Flemish to English translation is guaranteed or we will return your money back to you.

Belgium is recognized as a highly developed economic area with a lot of business opportunities. It will come to nothing if the wrong translation is used. Northern Belgium is going to need Flemish translation work for any documents. That has to be accepted and we can rise to the challenge. You can feel very comfortable with our services because our staff are seasoned experts. They worked on a number of projects for clients doing business in northern Belgium. You will find no problems with the work that we will do for you. The sensitivity of language Belgian is such that amateurs or poor quality translation services are not worth the risk. We provide the professionalism and accuracy that your business dealings in Antwerp or Bruges will require.


Get in touch with our team if you need a top-quality Flemish English translation!

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