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How to Accurately Translate STR Files

Why Hire a Professional to Translate SRT Files?

An SRT file is a standalone text document which contains the script of a movie, game or music video that has translated the words to a language you can understand. So when you watch a movie at home through your entertainment system, it will display the words as subtitles on the screen in whichever language you have selected. However, whatever device you use for playback doesn’t translate SRT files automatically; this has to be done via human interaction using software to help. There are many ways in which this can be achieved and our low-cost translation service can supply experts in all known methods.

As SRT files are just plain text files, they can be opened by virtually all text editors and media applications. This makes the job of changing the language contained within it that much easier, although you will still need to have the text time stamped to coincide with the video. Therefore, when you attempt an SRT file translation from English for example, you have to be extra careful not to interfere with any of the other scripts. Our best translation specialists are able to help you with this task using some of the best software available. They will ensure the perfect subtitles synchronization so that there no gaps in any scenes dialogue you may miss and make certain that it is fully understandable.

professional srt file translation


Why Might I Need SRT English Translation?

Subtitles are needed for many reasons when watching a movie, especially if English is not your first or main language. There can be extremely confusing words or phrases that are hard to understand and having an SRT translator display it in a language which makes sense can give a better understanding of their meaning. As most Hollywood blockbusters use English as their main language, a correct SRT translation of the dialogue allows those the ability to enjoy the movie in areas that don’t speak it.

Best Methods in How to Translate SRT Files

Even before the existence of advanced media players that are so prevalent today, the ability to encode subtitles into a video file has been around for some time. In days gone by, however, this had to be manually done by a person. Today, while it is still possible to simply edit an SRT file manually and perform the translation yourself, there are many automated tools available which can make the process so much faster. While some software is expensive to buy, they do provide support for multiple languages and can even playback the video for you so that the time sync is perfect. Selections of some of the more popular programs are:

  • Subtitle Workshop – Subtitle Workshop is one of many free applications for handling subtitle or SRT files. It supports converting between many differing file types and gives the user the opportunity to define their own rules when selecting a certain format.
  • Omega T – A very extensive utility that can handle over 30 different file formats. It also has the ability to interface directly with Google translate and has built-in support for over 29 different languages.
  • Aegisub Advanced Subtitle Editor – one of the better cross-platform and open sourced programs for creating and modifying many different subtitle formats. Aegisub makes it extremely quick and simple to subtitles to almost any media file. It is also one of the few that has built-in support for playing media files.
  • Jubler – Jubler is an advanced and user-friendly tool for editing text-based subtitle files. It is used as authoring code for creation of new subtitle files or can correct, transform, convert, transform, and also refine existing ones. Many of the most used formats are able to be handled and it also has support to preview all subtitles created in real time.
  • Ayato 3 – A very popular tool that has a state-of-the-art audiovisual detection process for analyzing speech patterns. Because of this, it has the advantage of delivering much higher productivity rates and provides far greater accuracy in syncing the subtitles to speech.
  • DivXLand Media Subtitler – A favorite tool amongst many programmers for creating and editing subtitle files for almost all video types. It has a very simple user interface that includes many cutting-edge features to speed up the process and can support over 30 different subtitle formats.
  • Gaupol – Gaupol is an advanced program that provides many advanced features and support for multiple subtitle files. With an advanced built-in video player, it can create and edit subtitles that can easily be synced to speech and provide exact time stamps that are as accurate as any paid programs. It is also one of the few programs that can process and translate multiple files.

Advantages of Having Professional Help to Translate SRT Files

While there are many programs and tools that can assist in translating a language, they don’t all actually provide an accurate translation for you. Words will be directly swapped for their translated counterpart but this can often leave it making little sense. Each language has its own way of expressing certain terms or phrases that are often lost when attempting a direct translation and having someone on hand who understands this can improve the quality of the work. Hiring a professional translator to do the work for you has many advantages such as:

  • Will provide a natural translation that doesn’t look robotically performed and makes perfect sense
  • Understands the specific grammar and terminologies used across many languages
  • Has a range of software at their disposal that can speed up the process
  • Include cultural influences or references that often get lost in a direct word for word translation
  • Ensures that the spelling of every word is correct and that each sentence make perfect sense

Benefits of Letting Our Experts Translate SRT Files for You

Although there are many advanced programs available to assist in SRT file translation, it can still be quite a precarious process and can leave you with disastrously wrong results. With professional help from our experts to translate SRT files for you, however, you can be assured of an extremely efficient service that will have your subtitle files returned to you quickly. Our experts provide SRT translation support for 77 different languages and with a professional editing service to back them up; we can guarantee the translation will be totally accurate and returned in the format of your choosing.


For the best service online to translate SRT files to just about any language in the quickest time, contact us now!

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