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Translate Website to French

French translation website localization

Translating your website from English to French means around 35 million more internet users will be able to read your website. However, to gain much benefit from those French users, you must have an effective French translation website. Website translations need to be localized to the target culture and market to attract attention and maintain interest. To do an English to French localized website translation will include:

  • Accurate text translation – Accuracy here is meant in the sense that the original meaning of the text is retained. Direct word to word translations often change the original meaning. The website translator must be familiar enough with both the source and target languages and cultures, to correctly interpret original meaning, and convey that meaning in the target language.
  • Cultural assessment – Some expressions don’t translate well to other languages. An innocuous statement in one language may be considered offensive in a different culture. The translator needs to be aware of what is acceptable and what is not, not only in written text, but in the use of images.
  • Text expansion and contraction issues. The space required when you translate French to English website text is different than what is needed to translate English to French. The website translation needs to take this into consideration
  • SEO localization – Keywords, meta tags and domain are some of the issues SEO localization will deal with

Use a professional website translator for your French translation website

A professional website translation service, such as the one our company offers, will provide effective English to French website translation for your site and localize the translation to make it more effective. Services offered include:

  • Content translation
  • Database translation
  • Review and customization of design elements
  • SEO localization

Having a professional website translation service do your translation, removes much of the stress from the entire process, and makes for a more effective translation than using software.

Benefits of using our translation service

Our website translation service can do translations for virtually any language. To translate website French to English or German provides different challenges than an English to French translation, but those challenges are as well handled by our capable translators. Additional benefits of using our services include:

  • Money back guarantee if we fail to satisfy your requirements. We aren’t satisfied until you are happy with the website translation we provide.
  • Budget friendly rates that are affordable. Discounts are also available.
  • Helpful customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Simple online order and payment process.

When you need to translate a web page to English from French or any other language, contact us for high quality website translations that are affordable and effective.

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