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Translation Services Rates – per Word and per Page

Are the Rates for Translation Important?

Translation is something that is increasingly in demand for many reasons. Both businesses and individuals are in need of translation due to the ease of traveling and doing business around the globe. Often the only barrier to doing business with someone halfway around the world is that of language. So knowing translation service rates so that you can ensure that you pick competitive rates is very important.

There are many different services available out there that offer the best translation services assistance. They do however vary greatly with regards to the quality of support that they offer and of course the price that you pay. While the old adage of “you get what you pay for” holds true in many cases you can still find many services that will offer you a highly competitive rate and still be able to provide you with accurate and reliable translations.

Translation Prices for Services
(per word)
$0,04 - $0,1
App localization
$0,04 - $0,1
$0,04 - $0,1
$0,04 - $0,1
$0,04 - $0,1
$0,04 - $0,1
$0,04 - $0,1
$0,04 - $0,1
Translation Prices for Language Translation
(per word)
French to German
$0,03 - $0,08
French to English
$0,03 - $0,08
French to Spanish
$0,03 - $0,08
English to Italian
$0,03 - $0,08
English to Spanish
$0,03 - $0,08
English to Latin
$0,5 - $1
English to Japanese
$0,05 - $0,01
English to German
$0,03 - $0,08
English to French
$0,03 - $0,08
English to Chinese Simplified
$0,03 - $0,08
English to Chinese Traditional
$0,05 - $0,1
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Latin to English
$0,5 - $1
Latin to Spanish
$0,5 - $1
Japanese to Chinese Simplified
$0,06 - $0,1
Japanese to Chinese Traditional
$0,06 - $0,1
Japanese to English
$0,06 - $0,1
Japanese to Romaji
$0,06 - $0,1
Chinese Simplified to English
$0,04 - $0,09
Chinese Traditional to English
$0,06 - $0,1
Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese
$0,06 - $0,1
Chinese Traditional to Korean
$0,06 - $0,1
Chinese Simplified to Korean
$0,06 - $0,1
Italian to French
$0,03 - $0,08
Italian to English
$0,03 - $0,08
Italian to Spanish
$0,03 - $0,08
German to French
$0,03 - $0,08
German to English
$0,03 - $0,08
German to Spanish
$0,03 - $0,08
Spanish to Italian
$0,03 - $0,08
Spanish to English
$0,03 - $0,08
Spanish to French
$0,03 - $0,08

Our services have been around for many years and are able to support you with translations across a wide range of language pairs for all uses. We not only offer general translation, we are also able to help you with medical and legal translation as well as other academic and technical fields. Our translators are some of the best that you will find online and we will always ensure that you are fully satisfied with our support.

What Are Average Translation Services Rates?

Translation rates vary enormously, especially online. However, as a rule of thumb, you can expect to pay around 10c per word for most translations which means that you will pay translation rates per page of $25 for a double-spaced page of around 250 words. This is only for guidance however as there are a large number of factors that can have an effect on the This is only for guidance however as there are a large number of factors that can have an effect on the cost to hire translator. You will also find that there are services such as ours that are able to offer you much more affordable translation without compromising on the quality of the translation that you receive.

What Affects the Rates for Translation Services?

Many that use translation services online are often surprised when they receive a quotation that is very different from the “from” price that is often used as a headline for a service. This is because there are many factors that will have a huge impact on the price that will be charged. It is best that you understand what these factors are and the impact that they can have on the prices for quality translation services.

The following are the main things that will affect translation services prices:

  • The languages used: while English to other European languages is usually fairly reasonably priced you will find that translating into less well-known languages will attract a premium. This is due simply to being able to find someone that has the skills required in more exotic and less well-known languages. The premium that you are charged can vary between services depending on the language skills of their staff.
  • The field of the translation: general translation is something that most experienced translators can handle with their native level knowledge of the languages involved. However, if you need technical information then this can raise the price. Translation is about understanding and so translating a medical document, for instance, can require the translator to not only have language skills but also qualifications within the field itself.
  • The speed of the translation: as with most services if you need it done in a hurry then you will expect to pay extra to get the work done when you need it. So if you want to ensure that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg you need to plan your translations as much as possible in advance.
  • Human translation vs Computers: this is something that you must be aware of when looking at different services. Many out there will simply throw the translation into a piece of software for you. This is rarely accurate and can read very poorly, not something that you would use professionally. Some services provide this type of service but then back it up with a human editor that will correct the text where required and ensure that it is correct. In many cases, this will be acceptable for general translation. Full human translation is the most expensive but also the most accurate that you will find.
  • Added services: many services out there will increase the average translation cost per word to add in services such as proofreading, editing and formatting. While some others, such as ours, will have these services as a free part of what they offer their clients.

accurate language translation

How Much Do Our Language Translation Services Cost for Different Areas?

Finding out how much so translation services cost for many different services can be hard work. Many will require you to apply to them for a quote before they will tell you how much things will cost. Our website, however, offers you a very easy method to hire a translator and for ordering, we will highlight the price that you will pay right from the start. Simply select the languages that you need to be translated and the field and our ordering system will tell you how much.

If you are looking for translation services in Singapore, there is useful information for you!

rates for translation services

The translation fee for translating from English to Spanish through our services will cost you just $8.67 for a 250-page document for our most basic service. This is computer-based translation with expert proofreading which is great if all you need is a general understanding of what the document says. For our professional translation service which is supplied through a translator with a minimum of three years of experience you can expect to pay the following translation rates per word:

  • General Translation: $16.00 or $0.064 per word only
  • Legal: $16.70 or $0.0668 per word only
  • Medical: $16.70 or $0.0668 per word only
  • Financial: $16.70 or $0.0668 per word only
  • Technical: $16.70 or $0.0668 per word only

Discover the best translation service rates with our professional services and get your translations done accurately and quickly every time.

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